Silence Is Consent: Las Cruces Group “Crashes” Gov. Martinez Homecoming Party



With Governor Martinez’s recent re-election New Mexicans are concerned more than ever about her silence and inaction concerning pre-born child killing in the state. Read below about a Protest ABQ inspired protest at the Governor’s homecoming gala hosted in Las Cruces New Mexico.

By Mark Cavaliere

Las Cruces, NM- I received an invitation to Susana Martinez’s second-inaugural three-day five-event celebration (which has its own website:, so I brought a few friends along to her “Governor’s Gala” here in Las Cruces.

New Mexico has become nationally known as the “Abortion Capital of America” and Albuquerque has become known specifically known as the “Late Term Abortion Capital” of the U.S.

There are no regulations or restrictions on abortion in New Mexico. Abortion is legal through all nine months of pregnancy in New Mexico, for any reason.

There are no parental consent laws in NM. Minors under 18 need parental consent to be given an Aspirin at school, but can be lured into having an abortion without the parents’ knowledge, which is frequently used to cover up cases of child abuse, sex-trafficking, and other crimes.

Abortions in New Mexico are funded by New Mexico tax dollars through Medicaid. New Mexico is one of 15 states to fully fund abortions, not using any federal funds but state funds. In 2013, 811 abortions were billed to the state, costing NM taxpayers $160,007.51

The only one single law concerning abortion in NM is a ban on partial-birth abortions that was signed by former Governor Gary Johnson in March 2000, which remains as the first and only restriction on abortion in the state of New Mexico since Roe vs. Wade in 1973, when the federal government made it illegal for states to fully protect the lives of pre-born babies.

Women travel from other states and are even flown in from other countries to obtain late-term and underage abortions that are illegal elsewhere, because New Mexico is famous for being the “Wild West” of pre-born baby killing.


Susana Martinez campaigns as being pro-life, but has so far hesitated to act, advocate or even comment on the issue in any significant manner. In the last four years, tax-funded abortions in New Mexico have increased under Susana Martinez’s silence.

Susana Martinez was endorsed by the national pro-life Susan B. Anthony List in her first 2010 election on her promises of being pro-life, but SBA did NOT endorse her during her 2014 election because she has so far proven to be pro-life in name only. She also lost the support of several pro-life groups in Albuquerque after stating she might “consider” signing pro-life legislation, has indicated that she might only consider signing a parental notification law, and has indicated that she does NOT want any bills passed that would ban, block, or hinder a woman’s access to abortion, including any late-term restrictions, informed consent laws, or waiting periods.


Susana Martinez and her staff have spoken out more critically against pro-life organizations in Albuquerque than she has against abortion.

“Whole Woman’s Health” abortion clinic initially began business in Las Cruces illegally without a valid business license, eventually obtaining one under the false pretense of being a “doctor’s office” despite operating as a clinic, because zoning laws do not permit clinics at their location. This has happened in Governor Martinez’s hometown, with complete silence from her administration, even when local pro-life advocates reached out to her for support.

Susana Martinez’s name is frequently mentioned in the mainstream media as being a potential vice presidential candidate in the 2016 national elections. Is Susana avoiding this issue because it might be considered “controversial” by the mainstream media, along with other social issues on which she has also remained silent? Is she hoping to gain a spot on the national political stage at the expense pre-born babies’ lives? We hope and pray that she proves us wrong.

Former NM governor Gary Johnson—who says he is “pro-choice” up to the “point of viability”—signed New Mexico’s ban on partial birth abortions and supports the repeal of Roe vs. Wade, seeing it is an infringement upon states’ rights. Ironically, this means that “pro-choice” Gary Johnson actually has a stronger pro-life record and platform than Susana Martinez, who claims to be “pro-life” without any apparent evidence in four years to support her claim.

Gov. Martinez: Can you tell us one thing you have done or plan to do as Governor to change New Mexico’s deplorable abortion reputation as the “Wild West” Abortion Capital where anything goes?


“Governor Martinez presides over the most abortion-friendly state in the country. She proclaims herself to be pro-life yet she has not used her office and influence in any way as governor to reign in an out-of-control abortion industry in New Mexico. As governor, Martinez could have urged the Department of Health or the Medical Board to consider regulation changes that would have provided oversight for these abortion clinics, but she has not lifted a finger to do so. Abortion clinics are potentially dangerous, as we have seen from the long list of 911 calls and ambulance runs that transport injured abortion patients to the emergency room. These abortion businesses are possibly involved in illegalities, but without oversight, they continue to run amok, endangering women and killing babies that should have the protection of law. Not only has she stood idly by, offering no leadership in these areas, her negative demeanor towards pro-life efforts in New Mexico illustrates why New Mexico is the Abortion Capital of the Southwest and the Late-term Abortion Capital of the country.” ~ Fr. Stephen Imbarrato, Founder and Director of Protest ABQ.


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Protest ABQ is a peaceful protest campaign launched to educate and stand against the injustice of abortion, through a strategic and sustained presence. We strive to reach deeper into our community and educate Albuquerque and New Mexico residents on what abortion really is. Protest ABQ is committed to end ‘Preborn’ Child Killing in ABQ and in NM. We protest most weekdays and every weekend!  For more information visit

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