Indiana Governor Mike Pence For President?


Mike PenceI spent 15 years in Indiana working in radio. I still have a lot of friends there and they say nothing but good things about Mike Pence. Philip Rucker of the Washington Post recently interviewed Indiana governor Mike
Pence about what qualities Pence is hoping to see in the 2016 Republican
nominee, and Pence ended up describing someone a lot like Mike Pence. Pence has
the next best thing, though. Networking matters, and Pence is good at it.


  1. I would be delighted if Governor Pence were to be elected President of the United States. He would be just what we need. I have only one fear. He has no name recognition outside of Indiana and/or the donut states surrounding Indiana. There are several others interested that are to well known making his entrance difficult not to mention raising money.

    Dennis K. Lowry

  2. I never ever wanna see this guy for president, he’d screw American up with taxing on gun permits and making sure marijuana is illegal EVERYWHERE, as well as discriminating against the homosexuals. CENSORED

  3. Pence for President? Thanks for giving me a good laugh on what was otherwise a bleak day. The idea has merit if you follow the Koch Brothers and believe that Pence is the best politician money can buy. Sorry to rain on your parade but Pence is a pound short of having the necessary gravitas and intellectual capability of running America. After suffering through the last eight years of a Democrat amateur politician we don’t to swing the other way and have a Republican amateur politician in office just to compensate.

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