Changing The Name of “The Pit”, Well, It’s all about what is wrong with UNM Sports


PitThe beloved name of New Mexico’s legendary basketball arena, The Pit, has been changed…..changed for money….for big money………and the name does’t even fit New Mexico! UGH!

The University of New Mexico continues to think money is the answer to it’s struggling athletic programs. Can you fund yourself out of “broken hearted fans”?

A local restaurant chain donated $5 million to the University of New Mexico, securing the naming rights for The Pit for the next 10 years. The Pit will now be called “WisePies Arena.”

The WisePies Pizza & Salad logo will appear on signs outside the arena, on the court and on tickets.

Changing the name of The Pit to WisePies Arena spurred a steady stream of profanities and disbelief on social media Monday.

The arena built in 1966 is one of college basketball’s most famous buildings.

I ‘ll still call it The Pit.

The University of New Mexico has problems that money will not solve. The University continues to hire high paid football and basketball coaches with the same results: Broken hearts for Lobo fans.

Now the University has turned to a pie company.

Will the Pie Company bring the Lobo’s an NCAA Championship????

I might think differently if it was a banana cream pie company!

It’s all “pie in the sky” thinking!

What was the brain trust at UNM thinking? Oh yea, the MONEY! THE CASH!

This will truly go down as one of the biggest marketing blunders in sports history.

I believe there is more than a slim chance this decision will be reversed or at the very least modified……stay tuned.

The power of a few changed the name of a New Mexico landmark.

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