Broadcast Hall-of-Famer Frank Haley Moves to AM730 KDAZ


New Mexico Broadcast Hall-of-Famer Frank Haley is moving to AM730 KDAZ in Albuquerque starting January 5th. This move to KDAZ became possible when the new owners of KKIM AM 1000, Wilkins Broadcasting, failed to retain Frank as News Director. Wilkins has purchased KKIM from American General Media. Having worked with Frank, I was blessed to hire him as KKIM’s News Director years ago, he is the best radio newsman in New Mexico, one of the best in the nation. For several years Frank blessed the radio airwaves of KOB 770 and Family Life Radio, KFLQ, where he teamed with Dan Rosecrans who is now the Program Director and co-morning host at KDAZ. Many Christian stations are cutting back or eliminating news from their stations, not KDAZ, with Frank, Dan and Birga Alden, who partners with Dan in the mornings and KDAZ’s full line up of talk programming and News, Am730 KDAZ  has New Mexico and the world covered. By the way, what is even more cool about this move is that only two Christian Broadcasters have ever been elected to the New Mexico Broadcasters Hall-of-Fame, Frank Haley and the founder of Son Broadcasting and KDAZ, Blackie Gonzales.

KDAZ is also where FGGAM airs our program every Monday, “The World We Live In” at 12:05 pm mt.

It is such a blessing to be associated with Son Broadcasting and AM730 KDAZ.
Frank Haley news

Here is the news release FGGAM received announcing Frank’s move to KDAZ:



[Albuquerque] — 29 December 2015: Radio station AM730 KDAZ is pleased to welcome Frank Haley to AM730 KDAZ Morning Show.

Frank is an award winning radio news reporter and has served with journalistic integrity in Texas and New Mexico. He has worked for at least 13 stations in the last 55 years.

Frank’s philosophy of news has changed over the years. Instead of focusing on the “bad” news, crime and scandal, etc., he tries to find the “good news” of the day from churches, missionaries, and the work of the “body of Christ.”

According to KDAZ President Annette Garcia, “December marks 43 years for AM730 KDAZ. Our goal is to bring news talk and information that will build up our communities and offer our listeners hope and encouragement throughout the day. It’s an honor to have Frank as part of the AM730 team.” Frank was inducted into the New Mexico Broadcasters Hall of Fame in 2012; listeners have known and loved Frank for years.

AM730 KDAZ Morning News with Frank Haley, can be heard at the top of the hour from 7am – 10am Monday through Friday. Listeners can also expect to hear Haley’s Comments Commentary. The AM730 KDAZ Morning program with Dan and Birga airs Monday through Friday and features a strong line-up of local and national guests talking about the topics people want to her about.

For additional information on AM730 KDAZ NEWS contact Dan Rosecrans at (505) 345-7373, or

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