Why did he wait so long


Senator Jeff Sessions has just now called Obama, “the emperor of the United States.”  One should ask, why did he and other Republicans not hang the title on the day he (Obama) made his inaugural speech?  Anyone with one eye and half-sense could understand the direction he was heading.

Here’s is a short article by William Halper in the Weekly Standard detailing Sessions’ assertion:

Senator Jeff Sessions calls Barack Obama an “Emperor of the United States” now that the president is going ahead with executive amnesty.

“President Obama previously said he could not issue an executive amnesty because ‘I’m the President of the United States, I’m not the emperor of the United States. My job is to execute laws that are passed.’ Well, apparently we now have an ‘Emperor of the United States,’” Sessions writes in a statement.

“President Obama’s immigration order would provide illegal immigrants with the exact benefits Congress has repeatedly rejected: Social Security numbers, photo IDs and work permits—which will allow them to now take jobs directly from struggling Americans in every occupation. Congress must not allow this unconstitutional action. That means Congress should fund the government while ensuring that no funds can be spent on this unlawful purpose.”


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