Thoughts On Albuquerque Reward For Arrest of Tasmanian Devil Killer


News and Views-Deweyabq-zoo_s-tasmanian-devil-e28098jasper_-deadFor those who know me, you know I love animals, I love all of God’s creation.

I have written many times about the violence in Albuquerque, it is a violent city, from the killing of Jasper the Tasmanian devil to the killing of human babies. The latest stats from the FBI show what we all know violent crime is up in the City.

It’s not only violent crime, it’s home burglaries, our home was broken into. I am deeply sadden by the horrific act of the killing of Jasper the Tasmanian devil last month at the Albuquerque Bio Park.

There is now a $12,000 reward being offered to catch the thug who killed Jasper. The reward just got a $2,000 boost after being doubled just last month. I have been praying about writing this post since an award was first offered.

I am disturbed that in Albuquerque we have abortion clinics killing babies every month. Girls just 14 years of age come to have an abortion in Albuquerque. Girls from out-of-state come to the Duke City because they don’t need parent approval to have their abortion.

My point is what price do we put on a baby that is killed in Albuquerque through abortion? I would hate to think that the death of a Tasmanian devil get’s more of an outcry from Albuquerque people than the killing of babies. Last year Albuquerque voters elected not to approve an ordinance that would have put a stop to late term abortions, very sad commentary on our value of human life.

Just one more thing…what about reward money for all the drunks in this state that kill and inure? It sure seems to me the priorities are out of whack here. By the way I believe punishment for the killer of Jasper should be working at the zoo for the minimum of 5 years cleaning cages while also spending a good amount of time in prison.

Satan is alive and is thrilled with Albuquerque abortion clinics.

And then people wonder why Albuquerque and New Mexico are struggling.

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