New Age Ritual: It’s Not Divorce, It’s Called “Uncoupling”


Marriage uncouplyingAnd you thought you had seen everything! Let us be in prayer for these folks. In front of all their friends and their 10-year-old son, Clark and Valerie Tate
came together for a special ceremony on a California beach. In a new age ritual
that might only be found in San Francisco, Clark and Valerie took the wedding
rings they exchanged 14 years ago and gave them back to each other.


  1. We humans have a lot of trouble seeing around the corner of the future — one reason why? We have “divorced” ourselves from our elders… who could describe the likely possible future consequences of paths we choose.

    Many humans suffer from being “terminally unique”: they THINK they are so unique, that their circumstances merit cutting a new path.

    But for our elders, they’ve seen it all before, in one form or another. I wish more people would listen to them. Even the new-age “Happiness” researchers and some counselors and authors on the subject of “happiness” point to how the BEST way to know what will make us happy is to look at what makes other humans happy in their later years.

    Even though for a Christian, “happiness” is not the big goal, it shocks me how short-sighted people can be when their highest goal is happiness and yet and still they persist in activities that are so harmful and yield so much pain and suffering. Sin is sin, and we can push it away, rationalize it away, disbelieve it away, etc. but it does not change its nature, nor its consequences.

    Longevity Advisor, T. Bergenn

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