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Dear family of our Lord Jesus Christ,

Thank you for coming by for a CUP!

PRAISE REPORT! Remember Clint? We have been praying for him,…..Clint got a good report from the Doctor’s, the quick email from Pastor Robert Lewis said, Doctor said best possible outcome. We will get more pathology by Tuesday.
Praise the Lord!!!

Please keep praying for Clint! Amen and Praise God!

Please take time to watch the following program on Son Broadcasting, please pray about becoming a supporter of Son Broadcasting, it was a blessing to be with Linda and Ted on “God Answers Prayer”

Pastor Dewey Moede on “God Answers Prayer”


Christians United For Israel Tonight in Santa Fe, NM, Featuring Major Elliot Chodoff

I took this picture of my wife Sharon as she was getting ready to take off to a Conference this morning. She is my treasurer, my precious wife, my hero and mentor. She supports me a 150% in our efforts at FGGAM. She is my shining light! She sticks with me through thick and thin.  Sharon has been working day and night, as a nurse and doing FGGAM work at home. She does so much behind the scenes that people just don’t see. Our work load and paper work is increasing greatly. I love her so very much. We are praying that we can add a part-timer paid assistant in the coming year. Please pray for us as the ministry grows, we will be needing help. But as always we wait upon the Lord to show us our sets. It is not good to get ahead of God. We also thank the Lord for our Board of Director’s, Vice Chairman Pastor Bill Ruhl, Sec./Treasurer and long-time New Mexico Church leader and teacher Wanell Pate, Kathy Garcia who has been a Church leader for years in New Mexico, Apostle Barbara Gould, Pastor Sonia Haylett and New Mexico Watchman Jose Vasquez. Also thanks to our advisers and mentors: President of Son Broadcasting Annette Garcia,  Pastors Don Kimbro, Leonard Navarre Richard Gordon and Paul Holt.

I have to tell you a quick a story about Sharon, the other day at a meeting she broke out into a song……she saluted a nurse who was retiring with a beautiful song! Sharon has a wonderful singing voice! She sang at our wedding!

Thank YOU, LORD for my Sharon

FGGAM does not happen without Sharon!

Sorry that the picture was taken in the garage!
Sharon conf

Today read into Proverbs 31: 10 and on……..An excellent wife who can find? She is far more precious than jewels. The heart of her husband trusts in her, and he will have no lack of gain. She does him good, and not harm, all the days of her life. She seeks wool and flax, and works with willing hands. She is like the ships of the merchant; she brings her food from afar.

For Christ being in him, his hope, his love, his joy, his life, he is the reflex of the image of Jesus;Walking implies action. If a man walks in Christ, then he so acts as Christ would act….do you?

and men say of that man, “He is like his Master; he lives like Jesus Christ,”

Walking signifies progress. “So walk ye in Him;” proceed from grace to grace, run forward until you reach the uttermost degree of knowledge that a man can attain concerning our Beloved.

Walking implies continuance. There must be a perpetual abiding in Christ.

“So walk ye in Him.” Colossians 2:6

From Charles Spurgeon, 1834-1892walking-with-jesus

Smith Wigglesworth the great Evangelist, entered heaven in 1947………but his good works remain here on earth, I pray the same can be said of us all when we go home to be with the Lord. I am so excited to be able to meet Wigglesworth in person in heaven someday. I am reading a book on Wigglesworth that I encourage you to read and get a copy for your Pastor! The book is titled, “A Man Who Walked With God” It is a must for all! My prayer is that I walk as close with God as Wiggleswworth did, My prayer also is that I can preach it like Wigglesworth! Amen!

In a sense, Wigglesworth, no more tried to get people saved than an apple tree “tries” to grow apples or a vine “tries” to produce grapes. he truly was grafted into Christ. Can the same be said of us? His branch was abiding. John 15. His leaves were open to heaven, our yours? He made sure of the daily, continues flow of the sap—–the life of the Spirit. For him, there was a cycle of the life in the Holy Spirit, and he lived that cycle.

A second aspect of his soul winning ability is the baptism in the Spirit. From the day of his conversion, he was a soul winner. In fact, the first person he got saved was his mother—-and later he led his father to the Lord! But he was much more a soul winner after he was baptized in the Holy Spirit. The baptism gave him a keen sense of the value of a soul, which is missing in not only in America, but the world. Oh my! the value of a soul!

Wigglesworth was sadden by those who enjoyed baptism for the pleasure it gave them and did not press on to its primary purpose as declared by Jesus in Acts 1:8: “Ye shall receive power after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you: and ye shall be witnesses unto me.”

Smith Wigglesworth’s primary goal in ministry was soul winning. And Winning souls for the Lord is not a “program”  it is of the Holy Spirit.

Love Smith Wigglesworth, he is teaching me so much!

Here are a few of the stories we have for you at FGGAM:

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For God’s Glory Alone in the Love of our Lord Jesus, Dewey, Sharon, Family and FGGAM Team

Let us keep praying for each other and our families and neighbors!

And all of God’s people said, AMEN!

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