A Matter of Duty

A Matter of Duty
an opinion by Howard Stansell
Our government and its representatives are grossly unpopular. That should be no surprise to anyone! The separation of powers that defines our Republic has a painful virus. It is sick! Executive power has evolved into something just this side of totalitarianism.
Congress, being duped into subservience and succumbing to an inflated respect for “our first black President,” has voluntarily neutered itself. The judiciary, in the main, has become a stacked deck of liberals beholding to a radical president with “transformation” on his mind and in his policies.
The deceit that has become an everyday practice at the White House has intravenously infected the blood steam of US politics, top to bottom! From the stench that seeps from Valerie Jarrett’s office, down the hall to the oval office, to Mr Gruber’s Obamacare, to the maniacal mayoral pulpit in Houston Texas, there is a malignancy eating away at the roots of our America!
What will alter the course and begin to heal this internal disease? Well, it ‘s a matter of DUTY! Whose duty? First, it is the duty of all Americans to speak out against freedom’s free fall. I believe that has happened to some extent with the midterm elections of 2014. Did the House and Senate get the message? I’m not sure!
For all those in Congress it is time to “speak out” with original constitutional authority. They must now, leave the comfort zone of unproductive political compromise (more aptly identified as surrender) and begin the legal procedure of impeaching the President! It has become their DUTY, regardless of political fallout!
We have a runaway executive who has stretched his elected power way beyond constitutional limits. He has done it time and time again until it almost seems acceptable. He has vowed to continue, without apology, his king-like authority. That must end in January, 2015! The Congress will have to shed itself of racial intimidation, ideological adoration and perform its DUTY to the American People. They must revive their powers of separation and ACT!
It would not be a rash decision! Obama’s impeachable acts are numerous and dangerous. He has arrogantly exceeded latitudes given no other US President.
Barry Goldwater once said, “extremism in the pursuit of liberty is no vice.” Impeachment is a responsible political process. Extreme? Yes, but it has, I believe, become necessary for the salvation of the Republic.
Any other President under similar circumstances, Democrat or Republican, would see it as his DUTY to resign and leave office. We know that’s not going to happen! The alternative, though painful, as I see it, is nothing short of removal through the constitutional process of impeachment and conviction.commentary

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