Drunk Driving in New Mexico…Are We To Trust The New Figures?


Drunk driving is a severe problem not only in New Mexico but the United States, as we as a country have fallen in love with mind altering drugs and booze. Booze and drugs produce a “no moral code society” and that is why we see such a high rate of violent crime in New Mexico and the United States. Nothing, and I mean nothing good has ever come out of drinking booze. New Mexico loves it’s booze.  Ever since I moved to New Mexico in 1995, I have been out spoken about the evils of booze and drugs. Being here at FGGAM and on  radio and TV, God has gave me a platform to speak out against these evils and push and encourage the state to be tough on drunks. Driving is not a given, it is a privilege. Behave yourself and you can drive. Now our government folks are pretty good at dressing up a pig, but a pig is a pig. Have they dressed up their latest figures on Drunk Driving? drunk-driving-arrest-flickr-commons-300x202 If you have lost a loved one to a drunk, these figures do not mean anything to you. This is an excellent post by Rob Nikolewski of New Mexico Watchdog:

Drunk driving arrests and convictions have been going down in New Mexico. Is that an indication there are fewer impaired drivers, or just fewer getting caught?(Read more)

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