Christmas Wish Granted: Couple Adopts 8 Boys, All From The Same Family!


Christmas wishPRAISE GOD!My late Uncle Joe and Aunt Mary Moede of Windom, Minnesota adopted 8 children and also had 18 foster children at one time! There is the Glory of God in adoption!   Melissa Groves will never forget that over Christmas 2004, her then-6-year-old
daughter Autumn asked Santa Claus for a little brother. The family officially
adopted their youngest, baby Zayn, two days ago. The Groves were nervous, at
first, to take home two boys, but soon decided to adopt them both.


  1. As a former foster parent I know first hand that it is so hard and rare to have this many siblings adopted out to the same family. What a wonderful blessing for these children. God was defiantly working in these parents hearts.

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