The Burning of Ferguson, America no longer has a “Moral Code”


I was in constant prayer last night and in my sleep, yes you can sleep and pray at the same time, and I am in constant prayer this morning for no more deaths in Ferguson and the United States. I am praying for those brave firefighters and police officers. How dare those thugs put these fireman and police officers in danger! In reality, America is burning to the ground, it has lost it’s way, it has no moral compass, no moral code…it has moved away from God. We have become a lawless country.  Instead of saying, “God Bless America…well that is an insult to God as God has blessed America, ever since He established it with His people! We have kicked him to the curb, so many Americans do not know God. We should be saying and doing, “America, Bless God!” Amen!

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