Pulpit Freedom Sunday


Pulpit Freedom Sunday

October 5, 2014



Pastors and church leaders willing to address fundamental freedom of speech and religious expression issues are being sought to participate in
Pulpit Freedom Sunday
October 5, 2014
Pulpit Freedom Sunday is designed to restore the rights of pastors to freely express biblical principles especially as they apply to political issues.



Restrictions were placed on non-profit organizations in 1954 by then Senator Lyndon Johnson in an attempt to curtail communication from non-profits opposing  his campaigns.  Since then, policies have expanded to curtail political speech.  Most pastors, fearing jeopardizing their church’s tax-exempt status, will not addressed issues vital to the Christian community.


Alliance Defending Freedom is seeking to generate test cases in order to end the unconstitutional restrictions that now exist, infringing on the rights of pastors to use moral and biblical standards to support or oppose candidates for public office.


With the success of the proposed lawsuits, all churches in that court’s jurisdiction will again speak out according to their faith.  Courageous individuals and churches will restore religious freedom for many more Christian organizations.


If you and your church are interested in participating in Pulpit Freedom Sunday, please go to www.pulpitfreedom.org and sign up to participate, or you can call 800-835-5233.


For more information visit:




New Mexico Watchman
(505) 470-8086
3600 Cerrillos Road 303C
Santa Fe, NM 87507

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