NM Drunk Driver Arrested Less Than a Month Ago Was Released, Then Kills Motorcyclist

I am very sick and tired of this behavior in New Mexico! In New Mexico you are at a great risk of being killed by a drunk driver. So many innocent lives have been taken because of drunk drivers. You and me could be next. When will the slaughter end? When will the courts get tough? Driving is a privilege, not a right. What is it with this states love for alcohol?  New Mexico leads the nation in alcohol related deaths.  Here is the latest from the Albuquerque Police Facebook page:
Just before 3:00 a.m. on Saturday, a 54-year-old man on his motorcycle was headed east on Montgomery Blvd. While stopped at the red light at Eubank Blvd the man’s motorcycle was rear-ended by a vehicle driven by 20-year-old Gabrielle Moya who had also been headed East on Montgomery Blvd. at a high rate of speed. The man died on scene as a result of the crash.Moya showed signs of impairment and was arrested. Moya was booked into MDC, where she is facing charges including homicide by vehicle, aggravated DWI, and violation of conditions of release from jail.Moya was recently arrested by APD on September 20, 2014 (less than a month ago) for aggravated DWI. In that incident, she was released from jail on the same day of her arrest.

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