Should We, Or Shouldn’t We – Is That The Question – Scotland’s Independence Adventure



I guess it came down to the last-minute when a vote was cast yesterday in the beautiful country of Scotland concerning Scotland’s desire for independence from England, or actually the United Kingdom.

With a voting day which brought out as much as 85% in voting attendance, Scotland voted some 55% to 44% to remain a part of the United Kingdom. Apparently the vote was so close, it took them the entire night to finalize results which were not released here until early this morning despite our media’s incessant need to announce winners as soon as the polls close.

The issue has been on-going for centuries and I remember the debate well when I was stationed at the very northern tip of Scotland for a short period of time way back in the 1970’s.

As an outside observer, there are truly many pro’s and con’s for both Scotland and for England but their separation would have been a pure ‘con’ for the United States. I always felt warm and welcome both in Scotland and England and love the people’s of both these great countries.

I will not even start getting into the politics of it all for if I had another 300 years to go over it, I would still not have completed the mission. They’ve been battling this issue ‘since the days of Braveheart’ and the times of ancient King’s and the marauding Vikings it seems. But for the United States, this is a very good result as we retain the solidarity and strength of a true ally to the United States.

I will guarantee you however, this debate will continue for at least another 300 years provided mother Earth is here that long!!!

Thanks to Breaking Christian News you can read more about this here:

Scottish Referendum Yes Campaign Headquarters

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