Life in Ministry Has it’s Up and Downs


S. E.Freinds of FGGAM BannerLife in full-time ministry has its ups and downs. The sun rises with
consistency as God wills, shining on the justice and unjustice. Being obedient
IS better than sacrifice, but many times in the obedience there is sacrifice.
Dewey, a few years ago, I know God called you to step away from radio ministry
and of all people I know what that is like as even I too heard God’s call to
leave the wonderful opportunity of working in Christian radio to serve in
another capacity.

What it has been TWO YEARS now since the birthing of “For God’s Glory Alone
Ministries”? What a path God has guided you, your wife, with Pastor Paul and
Issac, to put this vision online as a premier Christian site for news and
inspiration, sharing ideas, prayer concerns, joys and sorrows, up-to-the-minute
reports and reflections over a lifetime.

IT IS to God’s Glory and hey, it has not been easy in the birthing of something
new, but a great testimony that following the lead of the Lord and walking away
from perhaps a “regular” salary to live in that place where God IS the Provider
for all that comes your way. Few people who call themselves Christian are
willing to do this. Comfort seems such a “right” and wow, who wants to exchange
dollars in the hand for now for that joy of the prosperity in eternal benefits ?

God Bless and Keep you, never doubt or waiver as you reach not only New Mexico,
the USA, but globally as this ministry has allowed a platform through the
cyberworld reaching past borders and continents!!

His servant
your sister

Thank you Sister for your words! Friends please visit my Sister’s website. She is about to leave on a 2 year missionary trip to Guatemala, Uganda and Costa Rica. Please be in prayer for S. E. Please pray about supporting her efforts for our Lord.

Visit her website-

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