Jan. 28th, 2009, Pastor Chuck Smith Wrote: What is the World Coming to? Is the End Near?


chuck-smithAs we watch the downward spiral of our society today, we realize that a powder keg is ready to explode. Something has got to change.

We look at the deteriorating moral values in our nation–the divorce rate, abortion, pornography, drug addiction and child abuse. We witness what has transpired in the homosexual community. We are shocked at the violent crimes, the drive-by shootings and the terrorism that plagues our world. What is the world coming to? Is the end near?

As In the Days of Noah – Pastor Chuck Smith – As we watch the downward spiral of our society today. is.gd/GSs7Jv

I am weeping and praying at this news of Pastor Chuck’s family, this is tragic:

Family of Chuck Smith In Fight Over Calvary Chapel

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