New Mexico Tied For First on Relying on Uncle Sam’s Money


Whether it has been on our radio or TV programming or right here at FGGAM.ORG we we talked for years about the need for New Mexico to diversify it’s economy. Both the Democratic and Republican parties have failed at this. The state tried to land the Tesla battery plant, failed, has put millions into a Spaceport, both Governor Richardson and Martinez and the Legislature have supported this ‘White Elephant’. I’m still waiting for Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock to show up at the Spaceport! Let’s get real folks! We really need transparency in all of our tax dollars that have been spent on this thing they call the Spaceport! The Spaceport…..into Darkness! News and Views-DeweystartrekSo as both parties yell and squeal to us how good they are, they have failed to help New Mexico diversify it’s economic base. Our friend Rob Nikolewski of New Mexico Watchdog has this report:  A study shows that New Mexico is tied with Mississippi as the states most reliant on money from the federal government. (Read more)

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