Friends of FGGAM: Why Do I Support This Ministry?


My name is Justin Johnson and I support For God’s Glory Alone Ministries (FGGAM). I trust FGGAM because I trust Dewey Moede. I’ve known Dewey since 2011. Dewey is honest. He is forthright. He is compassionate. Dewey always tells the truth. Dewey cares. And he cares most about what God wants. In fact, sometimes during conversation, Dewey will pause for a moment, rub his beard and take a deep breath or two before responding. In that moment, he may just be giving the topic at hand some serious thought, but he may also be actually praying to God, asking Him for His insight and faithfully waiting for an answer from the Holy Spirit. If Dewey isn’t absolutely certain a particular course of action is within God’s will, he won’t pursue it. And when something he sees is contrary to what God wants according to His word, Dewey isn’t afraid to say so. Dewey is fearless. For God’s Glory Alone Ministries is a reflection of Dewey. FGGAM fearlessly tells the truth about what God wants for us in these troubled times. I support Dewey and FGGAM because we need more men and women like Dewey. This world needs more truth and FGGAM delivers.

Justin Johnson in Albuquerque, New Mexico

FGGAM thanks Justin and his lovely wife Paula for their support, as we do all who support this ministry monthly with their love offering’s. We are humbled by the support. We love you all and pray for you and yours daily.

I was blessed to be able to have my picture taken with Justin and Paul on their wedding day!

The Lord has directed us to be bold for Him, stand in the gap for Him, for the sanctity of marriage and life and all Biblical principles. We are but a little ministry operating out of our house, my man cave, but we have God with us, to shine His light on the world, one person at a time. To be BOLD for HIM.

I still have hope for this world when I look at people like Justin and Paula.

I will die on this verse: My life is worth nothing unless I use it for doing the work assigned me by the Lord Jesus. Acts 20:24

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