BREAKING NEWS: Abortion Clinic To Open In Las Cruces, New Mexico


Pastor Dewey Note: New Mexico doesn’t get Tesla, but it get’s another abortion clinic because we have a weak Governor and a State Legislature that will not stand in the gap for God on the sanctity of life! The blood of these babies our on the hands of those that could stop this madness of murder!

By Tara Shaver

Albuquerque, NM- Whole Woman’s Health, an abortion clinic with facilities in Texas, Maryland and Minnesota has announced that they will be opening a new abortion clinic in Las Cruces, New Mexico on September 15th. This announcement comes only days after a Texas judge blocked the House Bill 2 (HB2) provision that requires abortionists to have admitting privileges at a local hospital. This portion of the bill has been credited with closing multiple abortion clinics in the state and cutting abortions by 13 percent.

Whole Woman’s Health lauds the fact that “Since New Mexico has no TRAP [Targeted Regulation of Abortion Providers] laws on its books, we’re able to do same-day procedures at this facility as opposed to the 2-day procedures required in Texas, and we will go up to 18 weeks of pregnancy.” They are also freely advertising that, “for New Mexico residents, we will be accepting state Medicaid.”

As abortion clinic numbers dwindle in Texas due to common sense legislation, New Mexico having zero legislation and a Governor who has yet to change that, is now attracting abortion clinic owners to bring their killing businesses here.

New Mexico is already the go to place for abortions, especially for women living in the surrounding states who seek to evade their own states laws. The fact that a new clinic is set to open in New Mexico to bilk state tax-payers money is no surprise. It is a shame that Governor Martinez and the state legislature have not done enough to protect women and their children.

Fr. Stephen Imbarrato Founder of Protest ABQ issued the following statement, “Protest ABQ is urging that people contact Governor Martinez to ask her what she plans to do to prevent the abortion industry from expanding in New Mexico. “Simply claiming to be pro-life during election campaign season but doing not one single thing during her 4 years in office is not acceptable. During her tenure as Governor, New Mexico has become the late term abortion capitol of the nation…soon to be the Abortion Capital of America if she continues to stonewall!”

Protest ABQ is also urging New Mexico legislators to call on Governor Martinez and encourage her to speak out and to take whatever action possible to reign in the out of control abortion industry in the state.

Contact Gov. Martinez:
Voice: 505-476-2200
Email web form:

Protest ABQ, a ministry of Project Defending Life, is leading the charge to protect life and is calling on pro-life groups to join us for a National Call to Action involving national protests against abortion, culminating with aNational Strike on January 22, 2015.Breaking news

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