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This is from my Dear friend Charles Bryan Moore. What a timely message!

The Lord, our Lord, has been continually taking me back to the beginning of human history where man fell into darkness. Back to Genesis. I’ve noticed how men and women, young and old, educated and uneducated alike keep stumbling over the scripture where it says after the flood Noah planted a vineyard and drank of his wine and got drunk. He then was in his dwelling “naked” and his youngest son found him there and went and told his brothers. His brothers were shocked at what was happening and covered him by going in backwards and laying a blanket over his nakedness. Then the story goes on about Noah cursing the youngest son for what he did. People get hung up on this saying it was because he disrespected his father and shared it with others. This is true for sure but there is something more. Nakedness exposed before others is always inappropriate. Small children is one thing. Tribals is another but those that have the Word of God have no excuse as adults to either be viewing it or showing it off. Men are turned on sexually very easily for the most part. God wants to protect us in every age. Today we live in such a fairy-tail… Living lies all around us. Jesus says cast down the imaginations in our lives that esteem themselves higher than the Word of God. It may be as easy as turning on the computer and looking up “nude” but it’s still wrong. How can we say Jesus died for our sins if we keep on bathing our minds in sin consistently? Is this any different than a form of mocking God? Is it really any different than Noah being shamed by his son? Please meditate with me on these things. Peace to you who seek for Truth and find it and after having found it to feast at its table taking it all in and teaching others to do the same. He Loves us soooo much

Charles Bryan Moore in Pierceton, Indiana

Thank you Charles! God Bless you and yours!

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