Albuquerque Man Set On Fire


Violent crime continues in Albuquerque most everyday……we repeat our call out to Mayor Berry and Governor Martinez for a month long prayer vigil for Albuquerque and the state of New Mexico. Let us seek the face of God, Let us repent of our sins, let us pray for a riddance of mind altering drugs and alcohol which lead to violent crime. crime 3An Albuquerque woman is facing an aggravated battery charge after police say she set her friend on fire.

Erica Garcia was arrested following a drunken argument that left a man with burns to his chest, shoulders and hands.

According to police, Garcia doused the man with rubbing alcohol and lit him on fire when the two got into an argument.

Garcia was charged with aggravated battery with a deadly weapon and was ordered held on a $25,000 bond.

Let us pray over this situation, we pray  the healing, in Jesus name, Amen

What really bothers my spirit is this press release put out by the Governor’s office yesterday, boasting about more alcohol in New Mexico. Do I need to remind the Governor that New Mexico leads the nation in alcohol related deaths?

**Media Advisory**

Governor Susana Martinez to Announce Expansion and New Jobs at Santa Fe Brewing Company

Albuquerque — Governor Susana Martinez and Economic Development Secretary Jon Barela will join officials from Santa Fe County, the City of Santa Fe, the Regional Economic Development Corporation, and the Santa Fe Chamber of Commerce to announce that the Santa Fe Brewing Company is expanding its manufacturing and production facility and creating 105 new jobs.

Santa Fe Brewing brews, cans, and bottles its product on site and exports throughout a nine-state region. This expansion will help the manufacturing company reach new markets both nationally and internationally.

The value-added food production industry, which includes beverage makers like Santa Fe Brewing Company, is a sector targeted for growth by Gov. Martinez’s administration because of New Mexico’s rich agriculture heritage and assets. Additionally, exporting New Mexico-made goods brings dollars to the state and grows the economic and tax base.

According to the Brewers Association, craft beer sales have increased 17.2 percent in the U.S. in 2013 and is a $14.3 billion market.

This announcement follows last week’s announcements of a Los Lunas family manufacturing company, Accurate’s, 250 employee expansion and PESCO, a Farmington family service and manufacturer’s, expansion of 150 employees. In recent months, manufacturers from as far away as Germany and Turkey, and as close as California, have moved their operations into New Mexico. 

So New mexico loses out on the Tesla battery plant and what did they say? 6,000 jobs?……So we brag about more beer?

But New Mexico did gain another abortion factory, as the Governor celebrates more beer………

BREAKING NEWS: Abortion Clinic To Open In Las Cruces, New Mexico

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