What’s Going on with Rick Perry?


cowboys I’m going to start off this article by telling you a Tall Texas Tale: Three Texas cowboys are sitting around a campfire, out on a lonesome Texas prairie, each with the bravado for which only Texas cowboys are famous. A night of tall tales begins. The first one says, “I must be the meanest, toughest cowboy there is. Why, just the other day a bull got loose in the corral and gored six men before I wrestled it to the ground by the horns with my bare hands.” The second cowboy can’t stand to be bested and said, “Why that’s nothing. I was walking down the trail yesterday and a 20-foot rattlesnake slid out from under a rock and made a move for me. I grabbed that snake with my bare hands, bit its head off and sucked the poison down in one gulp. And I’m still here today.”  The third cowboy remained silent, silently… stirring… the coals… with his hands.

Governor of Texas “Indicted”

And so it is, we’re stirring the coals here in Texas, but not so quietly.  Yep.  It’s pretty big news here… probably not so much anywhere else.  But, readers of FGGAM need to know what’s going on with this because it will (eventually) have national implications.  So, what’s really going on with this indictment thing?

History of this Politically Motivated Event

rick perry indictmentTexas Governor Rick Perry (47th Texas Governor) was indicted on two felony counts for abuse of official capacity and coercion of a public servant late Friday evening (8/15/14) by a Travis County grand jury.  Perry becomes only the second sitting governor ever indicted after James “Pa” Ferguson in 1917, and the first in almost a century.

The case stems from Perry’s vetoing the $7.5 million biennial funding for the Travis County Public Integrity Unit (PIU) June 14, 2013. (NOTE: Any governor can veto just about anything and especially something like this.)  This left-leaning watchdog group investigates ethical breaches of state politicians, among a number of other charges.  It all started because Perry threatened to withhold the money unless District Attorney Rosemary Lehmberg (an elected Democrat) resigned.

Travis County commissioners eventually restored $1.8 million last August, 2013 to continue some funding to the PIU.

Perry made it clear in public statements and through representatives that he didn’t believe the state should fund an office headed by someone who had lost the public’s trust and that she needed to resign.

He pointed to Lehmberg’s arrest just two months prior for drunk driving, which included her video-taped, unprofessional and belligerent conduct while being booked into jail.

If she’d resigned, Perry would have appointed a Republican as her replacement, which would infuriate Democrats.

By the time of the LEGAL veto, Lehmberg pleaded guilty to DWI, fulfilled her 45-day sentence and completed a treatment program. She refused to resign but said she would retire after she completed her term.

Perry’s office continued to negotiate with her after the veto, pledging to restore funding to the unit if she resigned.

Allegations of Perry’s “criminal wrongdoing” were first filed by Craig McDonald, director of the liberal nonprofit campaign reform group Texans for Public Justice.

McDonald has maintained that using veto threats to try to make another elected official resign was gross abuse of office.

“The grand jury decided that Perry’s bullying crossed the line into law breaking,” he said. “We think any governor under felony indictment ought to consider stepping aside.”

Most ethics lawyers say it will be extremely difficult to prosecute Perry, who could contend he was simply playing political hardball and that he was exercising the legal power of a veto.

In announcing the indictment, special prosecutor Michael McCrum (Democrat) of San Antonio said he felt confident of the charges brought against the governor and was “ready to go forward.”

But Republican Party of Texas chairman Steve Munisteri immediately decried the prosecution as politically motivated.  “Most people scratch their heads and wonder why we’re spending taxpayer dollars to try to put somebody in jail for saying that they didn’t feel it was appropriate to fund a unit where the person in charge was acting in a despicable way.” Munisteri said.

Mary Anne Wiley, general counsel for the governor, said that Perry is being charged for exercising his rights and power as governor, she stated, “The veto in question was made in accordance with the veto authority afforded to every governor under the Texas Constitution. We will continue to aggressively defend the governor’s lawful and constitutional action, and believe we will ultimately prevail.”

Perry’s lawyer, David L. Botsford, said in a statement that he was “outraged and appalled” by the Travis County grand jury’s decision, which he described as “political abuse of the court system.”

“The facts of this case conclude that the governor’s veto was lawful, appropriate and well within the authority of the office of the governor,” Botsford said in the statement.

Botsford went on to say, “Today’s action, which violates the separation of powers outlined in the Texas Constitution, is nothing more than an effort to weaken the constitutional authority granted to the office of Texas governor, and sets a dangerous precedent by allowing a grand jury to punish the exercise of a lawful and constitutional authority afforded to the Texas governor.”

The Cause of it all: Vodka Drunk Travis County DA

drunk DAThis debacle started with a known drunk and her bottle of vodka:  63 year old Rosemary Lehmberg – an elected official – had been serving as the Travis County DA for a little more than four years when, late on the night of April 12, 2013, she was pulled over near Lake Travis, just west of Austin. Police found an open vodka bottle in the car and arrested her.  Watch as she denies being drunk, lies to the officers, and fails every sobriety test the kind officer asks her to do.  Hours after her arrest, she blew a .239, almost 3X’s times the legal limit:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JrxsCH_p1oc

Why didn’t Lehmberg resign?

Politics!  Lehmberg is a Democrat, and if she stepped down, Perry would be the one to appoint a replacement.  Moreover, the Travis County DA – as the prosecutor in the state’s capital – has special responsibilities over a variety of statewide legal issues. Foremost among these powers is the DA’s control of the PIU. AND, she and the Democrats took this opportunity to try and bring a powerful person down.  It’s standard operating procedure for the despicable Democratic Party.

drunk DA restrainedWatch her amazingly terrible behavior, arrogance and vindictiveness as she’s being admitted into jail and had to be strapped into a restraining chair: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s7y7oJ266qI

Perry’s Possible Punishment

If Perry’s found guilty of “abuse of official capacity” it’s a first-degree felony with punishment ranging from 5 to 99 years in prison, and coercion of a public servant is a 3rd-degree felony with a penalty of 2 to 10 years.  Of course, this is impossible and will never happen.  Please be aware that technically a Grand Jury can indict anything, even a ham sandwich…literally!

Partisan Fighting

The indictment immediately fueled a flurry of partisan fighting. Perry is a conservative Republican indicted by a grand jury in a far left Democratic county.  The charges might be able to cripple any chance of a second presidential campaign, which had been gathering some momentum in the last several months especially with his “border stance.”

For a long time, Republicans have charged that they’ve been targeted by the PIU, which is in the solidly far left Democratic Travis County, where Austin is the main city and home of the University of Texas system.  Conservatives have long grumbled that the unit operates through a partisan lens and targets Republicans.

The PIU has investigated prominent Republicans in the past: Former U.S. House Majority Tom DeLay (an appeals court overturned a guilty verdict against him) and former U.S. Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison (3 times indicted and 3 times the “charges” were dropped).

Perry has been Governor for 14 Years

rick perryPerry, the longest-serving governor in the state’s history (since 12/2000), was forced to exit the 2012 Republican presidential race after several gaffes including when he lost his train of thought during a debate and couldn’t recall which three government departments he wanted to abolish: Commerce, Education and ?   Perry says he was ill and performed subpar.

He’s not seeking re-election as governor and will step down next year.  Running for Texas governor are: Republican State Attorney General Greg Abbott, Democratic State Senator Wendy Davis (baby killer), Libertarian Party candidate Kathie Glass (kind of whacked), and Green Party candidate Brandon Parmer (nut case). None have a chance of winning except for Greg Abbott.

Perry to Fight Back

Perry vowed Saturday (8/16/14) to fight this criminal indictment in a defiant response that showed an old slice of swagger that he’s kept holstered lately while seeking to remake his image for a potential 2016 presidential run.

Perry called the two felony counts of abuse of power as “outrageous” and made no apologies for his 2013 veto that prompted a criminal investigation against the longest-serving governor in Texas history.

Perry made it clear he’ll finish his term that ends in January, 2015 and said it was the investigation against him – and not his actions – that amounted to an abuse of power.

“We don’t settle political differences with indictments in this country,” Perry told reporters outside his office in the Texas Capitol. “It is outrageous that someone would use political theatrics to rip away at the very fabric of our state’s constitution.”

Perry dismissed the charges as nakedly political and said he would not hesitate to execute a veto under the same circumstances again. Good for him!  It’s insanity to go after a governor every time they veto something one or a couple of folks don’t like. That’s as stupid as beating the tar out of an opposing football team and then some person in the stands complains that the winning team has to play the game over, but with only five players against the eleven LOSERS!  And some dumb politician or liberal attorney says, “Hmmm. That seems reasonable. I’ll file a lawsuit.”

Perry goes on to say, “The details of my decision-making were very clear. I said early on that I was going to clearly veto those dollars as long as they had someone in that office who I had lost confidence in. And I had lost confidence.”

Perry said he was confident that he would prevail and vowed that those responsible for this “farce of a prosecution” would be held accountable.

Democrats criticized Perry’s aggressive reaction to the indictment and accused him of trying to shift the blame. Yet state Sen. Wendy Davis (baby killer), the present face of the Democratic party in Texas who’s running a high-profile campaign for governor, took a more cautious tone Saturday as well she should.

“The charges that were brought down by the grand jury are very, very serious,” Davis said, adding that she trusted the justice system to do its job.

Does the Indictment Hurt Perry’s Presidential Aspirations?

rick perry gunRick Perry portrays himself as a “good conservative” so that if he enters the race he’ll be accepted by Christian conservatives.  If he does win the Republican nomination, he will have a strong chance of winning the general election because he’d very much be an “establishment” candidate.  But that’s only IF the folks in the churches get their rears off their soft pews and vote for conservative candidates that stand for key things such as pro-Constitution, anti-abortion, marriage only between a man and a woman, abolish the IRS, pro-guns, pro-border security, stronger military, get rid of obamacare, and limited immigration.

This indictment is a blow to Perry just as he’s trying to rehabilitate his image after an embarrassingly disastrous 2012 presidential run.  Unfortunately he’s also the third major potential White House candidate on the Republican side – the others being Governors Chris Christie of New Jersey and Scott Walker of Wisconsin – to face legal problems at a time when no clear GOP standard-bearer has appeared in the run-up to 2016.

How much support Perry – who’s at this time considered a long shot for the White House – gets from fellow Republicans in the long run may depend on whether he’s convicted, and it’s unclear when a trial would be held if at all. Key Republican strategists predict a rough road for any presidential candidate under indictment.

Still, the quick defense of Perry from some conservatives suggests the blow might be more of a blessing for the governor in corners of the Republican Party that could be helpful to him in a primary run.

Democrats who try to use this against Perry should “beware.”  GOP state level activists love nothing more right now than a leader with the guts to stand up against a system they believe is failing the people and protecting the elites. Ultimately this may not be a threat to Perry as much as it is a gift.

My Bottom Line Predictions about this “Indictment” and where it may lead: Perry will remain in office until January 2015, when he turns over the reins to Abbot – Texas’ next elected governor.  From here on out the disgraced Lehmberg will do all she can to see that Perry’s political ambitions crash to the ground like hers did.  Perry’s day in court will never see the light of day…he’ll be vindicated.  Perry will not last long in the primary run, but if he does become the Republican nomination and the Democrats throw up a woman to run against him…sadly Perry would probably lose and it’ll be to another unqualified Democratic candidate.

Without exception, never put any belief, faith and or trust in any leader. Our only belief, faith and trust are in our Lord Jesus Christ. Through the power of the Holy Spirit use your God given discernment to vote for the men and women who stand firm for biblical principles.  Take action against the evil that manipulates certain local, state and national politicians to enslave us by voting them out of office.

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