Is there such a thing as a couth checker?


I feel as though my blog should come with a disclaimer… “Warning!!! Mind not fully functional when written.” I was re-reading a blog I had written a few days ago after someone posted a comment on it, and my first thought was…. Wow… I’m glad they can read between the lines because the typos were ridiculous! The spelling was correct, but the grammar use was in need of help! Wrong use of verbs, missing words, etc. It was in dire need of a proof read before it ever hit the network. I wondered why the grammar check on Microsoft Word ® didn’t catch it; turns out it thinks sentences like “A pastor have never called me before” is correct English. Evidently so did my mind in the wee hours of Sunday morning. The proper use of “words” seems to be on my mind a lot lately. I’ve bit my tongue off a time or two lately to keep from sharing my mind at inopportune moments. Mostly with insensitive people who didn’t get the manners memo.

Icouths there such a thing as a “Couth checker?” Sometimes I need one too.  But for the sake of spiritual encouragement this morning, let’s assume you and I are okay in the manners department. That could change in a heartbeat if we’re surrounded by negative, ill willed people.

1 Corinthians 15:33 says – Be not deceived: evil communications corrupt good manners.

I guess that’s our Heavenly Father’s way of saying “Show me your friends and I’ll show you who you are or who you soon shall be.” But what about people we’re around in the course of a day for which we don’t have control of? Believe me, they influence us more than we realize, either negatively or positively. I’ve mimicked a friend at church who exclaimed to me one day “Jeepers Socks Shari, I don’t know,” so many times that it is now a favorite exclamation of my own. I don’t do it out of disrespect, I love it and him! It reminds me of a simpler time in life when the harshest word we heard on television was darn and it meant serious business. Now our kids are blasted with profanity from every direction, the teaching of manners is a thing of the past, and it has become common practice for rudeness to be socially approved. Jeepers socks! Have we no sense?

That’s why it’s important to flood our mind with goodness as much as possible. Good Christian friends, good Christian music, the Word of God, Preaching and Bible teaching. Keep a generous supply on hand! Put the Bible on your smartphone, carry a pocket bible or write it on an index card! Whatever you have to do to spiritually encourage yourself during the day or when you’re away from goodness and Jeepers Socks kind of people.

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