Read With Imagination


Scripture should be approached as conversation with God. Out of love for Him, we should be doers of His word. If we were to talk to God face to face and He said, “Love your neighbor as yourself,” we would go and do it, right? I mean that is how we should respond to the Word. Isn’t that romantic and fun!?

And it’s ok to have an imagination. In fact it might just be what you need in order to be a doer of the Word. Let it come alive because it is alive. Don’t treat the Bible like a dead book or it just won’t work for you. Have fun when you read. Talk back, yell back! Scream at the characters. Scream at the you in those characters. Hug them, kiss them, cry over them. Cry with Mary over the feet of Jesus. Put your foot in your mouth like Peter and then bow your head in humility when you get corrected. Reach out to Jesus like the woman with the issue of blood. Pray the Psalms as if they your own prayers. Have faith like the hero’s. Look back at your past few days and envision what it would have been like had you acted like those hero’s of faith and then imagine you doing it in possible future encounters. At the end, get up and do something to practice what you have been told to do by the Word, or at the very least write it down. After a lecture in school, you have to do an assignment in order to apply what you have learned, so how about try that same method with Bible reading?

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