Negotiations Over Future of Gaza Continue In Cairo


Gaza Rocket range (GRAPHIC)We must continue to be in prayer: The Islamist terror militia Hamas announced on Monday that it was ready to allow security forces from the Palestinian Authority to control the Rafah border crossing with Egypt, an apparent concession in negotiations taking place in Cairo to try and end the month-long conflict with Israel. The idea to allow 1,000 PA police officers to be deployed along the Egypt-Gaza border has been approved by Egypt, even as a Hamas official said his organization was also willing to allow the PA to oversee the reconstruction of the Strip, which would make it more likely that Israel would be able to approve the plan since the PA is more likely to accept Israeli security conditions. However, Israel is continuing to insist on the full demilitarization of the Gaza Strip as a condition for a more permanent cease-fire and officials warned that much discussion is still needed before an agreement can be reached. Read More

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