Mars Hill Founder Mark Driscoll To Step Aside For 6 Weeks


Let us pray for Pastor Driscoll and the parishioners of Mars Hill: It is a very sad time in the life of Mark Driscoll the founder of Mars Hill Church and it’s members. Now comes the word that  Driscoll is stepping aside for six weeks as Mars Hill Elders review formal charges against him from previous Pastors. Driscoll has returned from vacation and addressed Mars Hill worship services through a pre-recorded message. Driscoll has been having a tough time of it in recent months,  he has been accused of plagiarism, inappropriate use of church funds and abuse of power:

Also this from Pastor Brian Alarid of Passion Church in Albuquerque, New Mexico on this situation: The bible commands us to forgive others so that God will forgive us. This thing called the church is supposed to a place of forgiveness and healing and restoration for broken people. I think Mark Driscoll apologized for his mistakes as genuinely as a human being can. Can’t we find it in our heart to forgive him and pray for him and believe for restoration in this painful situation? If God could restore David to his throne, I am pretty sure there is still enough power in the blood of Jesus for Mark to be restored.


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