‘Left Behind’ Trailer Reveals Total and Utter Chaos That Unfolds in the Rapture


A new trailer for the Bible-based feature film, ‘Left Behind’ which releases October 3 in theaters across America, was recently released.

The plot centers on main characters Rayford Steele, a pilot played by actor Nicolas Cage, and journalist Buck Williams, who is portrayed by actor Chad Michael Murray, among others, who are forced to cope with the mysterious disappearance of Christians across the globe in a biblical event known as the rapture.

The extended trailer offers a lens into the chaos that ensues in the hours following the mass disappearance, as those left behind struggle to pick up the pieces and comprehend what unfolded.

The newest “Left Behind” installment is quite different from the original Kirk Cameron release 14 years ago.

“The reason to bring ‘Left Behind’ back is [two-fold]: one is to make it bigger and better, so that we can have a broader reach and a shot at a broader audience,” producer and writer Paul Lalonde stated. “The first time we did it it was a straight to DVD production.”

Watch the full-length trailer below:

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