400,000 New Mexicans On Food Stamps, ‘The World We Live In’ Radio Is On Today!


Dr. Joe Fawcett and Pastor Paul Holt will join me today on the radio! Dr. Joe will be sharing with us on Ebola, what it means to you and me. Paul will be sharing on what the Bible says about the future of Gaza. We have a jam packed 25 minutes for you, other news we are covering is that just over 400,000 New Mexicans are on food stamps and the state keeps losing jobs. Starting in October of this year Governor Martinez wants to restore a 20 hour a week work for childless adults to get food stamps. This mandate was suspended because of the recession in 2009. Is not New Mexico still in a recession?  If there are no jobs how is this going to happen? The Governor also wants to require low-income parents to take part in community service to get food stamps. This is a hot topic! Dewey on spectrumpaul holt 5DrJoe healthCoachWe will talk about this and more today on ‘The World We Live In’ at 12:05pm MT on KDAZ AM730. You can also listen on line from our website by clicking on the AM730 banner.

Pictured from top to bottom myself, Pastor Paul Holt, Dr. Joe Fawcett.

Check out Dr. Joe’s post here:


Pastor Paul’s post:

What does Bible say about the future of Gaza?




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