Taos, New Mexico Keeps ‘Kit Carson’ Name For Now



TAOS,NM – After two hours of  public comment, the Taos, New Mexico Town Council voted to rescind its recent resolution that dropped Kit Carson’s name from the town’s  park……

But the Carson name won’t cover as much as it used to.

The council, on a vote of 3-1, decided to separate the park into two parts and keep the name Kit Carson Memorial Park for the cemetery where Carson and his wife are buried.

The name for the recreational section of the park that hosts craft fairs, concerts and ball games will be picked later.

Last month the Council voted 3-1 to rename the entire park ‘Red Willlow Park’, from the native Tiwa language word for Taos, but the Taos Tribal Council didn’t like that.

The Tribal Council believes the name, Red Willow, belongs to the Pueblo.

What do you think of all this? kit carson


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