Drunk Drivers Continue To Drive In New Mexico


Crimescenetapewsbt4We have been posting many stories over the years of drunk driving deaths in New Mexico. We posted this today:


Whats Wrong Here? Will New Mexico Ever Learn?

Now get this………..

In the Albuquerque Journal this morning it is being reported that Miranda Pacheco, the women who swerved off a road in 2010 and killed David Anderson, and convicted of careless driving in October 2012 and sentenced to 90 days……..now Albuquerque Police say Pacheco plowed into the front of a business last month after driving the wrong way. Police are awaiting blood tests in that case.

Last year the Journal reports that Pacheco was arrested for aggravated DWI and reckless driving and sentenced to nine months.

Is she serving her time?

Why does she still have a car?

Does she have a drivers license y

Are the Judges letting her off?

Can she be committed to a re-hab center?

Do you want your children to be out when people like this are driving?

I sure don’t like driving in New Mexico at night!

We keep getting reports of people in New Mexico being arrested for the 18th to 20th time for DWI!!!!!

The Governor, Judges and Legislature can say all the “NOTHING NOISE” they want, but people are still driving drunk in this state and killing or hurting others!

We pray healing over Miranda Pacheco, she is “crying out” for help, as is the widow of David Anderson, Sherry Anderson.

The memorial for David Anderson has been vandalized for the second time and Sherry believes it is not a coincidence. Sherry has been outspoken about holding the justice system accountable and demanding answers involving Miranda Pacheco.

New Mexico needs leadership, not “NOTHING NOISE”




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