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Bill Wilson
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Thursday, July 31, 2014


A New American Civil War

It’s been brewing and now it is starting to boil. The America of just eight years ago is no longer the America of today. We are about to face a new Civil War. This war pits race against race; pits liberal against conservative; pits countrymen against colonist; pits the have-nots against the haves. It is the classic social class struggle brought on by communists and socialists who have been able to convince the majority of Americans to elect them to office. You see, a Republic can only stand with a moral and religious people as its pillars. From quantitative easing to socialized medicine to illegal immigration to the breakdown of the family structure, the ingredients became right for the perfect storm to remake America.

The House of Representatives voting along distinct party lines to sue the occupant of the Oval Office over abuse of power. It is obvious that elected officials prefer to window dress the current abysmal, unethical and illegal leadership situation rather than cure it with Constitutional authority. The “president” mocked the action saying, “They’re going to sue me for taking executive actions to help people. So they’re mad I’m doing my job…And by the way, I’ve told them I’d be happy to do it with you. The only reason I’m doing it on my own is because you’re not doing anything.” The “president” will dig in with his socialist agenda and House Republicans appear too timorous to exercise their authority to save the Republic.

Meanwhile the United States is being invaded by illegal aliens carrying the virus of revolution, disease and crime–all at the “president’s” invitation. Many Americans are now becoming alarmed and angry. It starts to hit home when these displaced illegals are brought into hometowns are expected to be housed there. In addition, Americans are about to suffer in their personal budgets–the Federal Reserve is preparing to reverse its quantitative easing policy and raise interest rates. Financial times reports the Fed will quit flooding the financial system with liquidity. This will reveal a weak economic market, a scarcity of money, and will eventually lead to inflation and high interest rates for every citizen.

As these divisions deepen and events sharpen to a point, the falling away from God by Americans over the past 50 years is going to come home to roost. The lack of good morals, sound doctrine, and relationship with the one true God will exacerbate the other irritants that immoral elected leadership has implemented. As Jesus said in Matthew 24:12, “Because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold.” He also said in Mark 3:25, “And if a house be divided against itself, that house cannot stand.” A country once similarly and uniquely united in Christ has suffered such unsound doctrine and subsequent decline in morals that it has no true bearing or foundation upon which to stand. This division may well be the basis for a new American civil war.

Have a Blessed and Powerful Day!

Bill Wilson
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