Iranian President Continues Charm Offensive In Turkey


Flags of Turkey and Iran (Illustrative)Iranian President Hassan Rouhani wrapped up his first day of a highly successful trip to neighboring Turkey on Monday with a statement about his government’s commitment to fighting religious extremism, sectarian conflicts and terrorism, all of which it is accused of being the chief instigator of in the Middle East and around the world. Rouhani’s “charm offensive” has already resulted in the loosening of international sanctions on his country, despite a total lack of concrete steps on the part of the clerical regime in Teheran to ease the international community’s concerns over its renegade nuclear program, support for terrorism and deeply problematic human rights record. That approach bore fruit on Monday as he and his Turkish counterparts signed six cooperation agreements and declared their friendly relations despite supporting opposite sides in Syria’s civil war and a host of other real-world issues. Read More

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