Good Morning Beautiful People….Are you Continuing to Pray and Believe?



It has been some years now but I remember this story just like it happened yesterday. I was leading a women’s prayer meeting at a local church I was attending. On this particular Thursday evening nobody came and it was just me. Usually I had a few or at least one other to join my faith with in prayer. By myself I began to inquire of the Holy Spirit about what we would pray for that rainy Maine evening. I didn’t have any particular agenda, just inquiring what was on the heart of the creator of the universe. Atlanta, Georgia came to mind so I began to pray for Atlanta, Georgia. I knew nothing about Atlanta really, never been there nor did I know anyone there at that time. I do know God and he is all about people and so am I. I began to pray for the people in Atlanta. Souls, souls, souls, I remember praying asking the Lord to draw his people unto himself. I walked around the basement of the church praying and declaring the word of the Lord as I petitioned the King of Kings for his people in Atlanta, Georgia.
I laugh out loud this early morning as I think about the next event that happened. I was matching socks in my bathroom as my washer and dryer are both located there. I had a bucket we kept mismatched socks in and they were plentiful with a family of five. Do you often wonder what happens to the other sock? I never did figure out that dilemma. After a while I would empty the bucket in the trash and begin once again with a fresh start of socks. This particular day I decided to work in the mismatch sock bucket and I found a Charisma Magazine in the mix. My brother and covenant sister had been blessing me with them. Somehow amongst the socks was this magazine. As I flipped the pages, I was drawn to read about the Threshing Floor Conference at the Dome in Atlanta, Georgia. I welled up with excitement as my heart began to leap about this conference. I mentioned it to a prayer partner that evening and she agreed to pray I would know for sure if I was to be headed to the Atlanta Dome. Was this really the Holy Spirit drawing me to Atlanta for this prayer conference? A few weeks went by and my prayer partner called as she felt it was time to book the tickets and she was going to go with me. Do you know how thankful I am when God sends someone with me? I really don’t like to travel alone, but have done it on occasion. I get lost easy as I’m from a small town (remind me to tell you about getting lost at the campground for over two hours trying to make change for my three daughter’s Kingdom Bound experience. It amazes me how camping trailers all look alike. That memory was worth a chuckle). Another praying sister from Maine decided to meet us there and I was filled with excitement. I believe in the power of prayer, I really am convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt at this form of communication with the creator of the universe. The answer to my prayer doesn’t always look like what I think, but I know that God hears and answers prayer.
It was at that conference I picked up a brochure for the International School of Mentorship with Judy Jacobs. I could barely believe that would be my next step, but it was. A few weeks ago I had Pastor Judy on my radio broadcast Destiny Moments. She spoke about her newest book You Are Anointed for This. As I interviewed her with my newest grandson Emmett in my arms I thought about the vision statement of my life. I had asked of the Lord many years ago that I would be a woman that would leave a legacy of prayer for my three daughters. Somehow he saw my heart and heard my prayer and enlarged my territory. So today I ask of you, what can I join my faith with you for? I believe in the prayer of agreement. I believe in the one who can answer.
Let’s pray: Lord, I thank you for every reader today. I thank you for Gods Glory Alone Ministries. Today, I join my faith for every need, every situation and every reader across this globe. God for every one that is joining me today in prayer, I declare the word of the Lord over their situation. I thank you for victory in your Holy name Jesus. I thank you no weapon formed against us will ever prosper and every tongue that rises up against us will be condemned. Thank you for watching over your word to perform it. We thank you in advance for the answer, your answer to life’s many issues. We give you praise. To God be all the glory. Amen.
I Thessalonians 5: 17-18
Pray without ceasing. In everything give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.

Enjoy your journey with Jesus today wherever he leads you. Many Blessings!



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