Good Morning Beautiful People…. Do You Build Bridges or Burn Them Down?


Do You Build Bridges or Burn Them Down?
As I was driving across the bridge in town the other day, I remembered a conversation I had recently at a women’s retreat I attended. Although this meeting was different than what I was used to and although it was unfamiliar territory, something was drawing me. I had prayed about it and asked the Lord if it was his desire for me to go. Deep in my heart I felt his approval. I knew two people that would be there, one the local sister in town (the only sister in town and she sure is special) and the woman I had met at McDonald’s on New Year’s Eve. The other close to fifty women was total strangers. The experience blessed my heart and although there were things I didn’t fully comprehend, I met women that knew the Lord and was on a journey with him. I saw the same joy, pain, sorrows and regrets that women all across this globe have. I made friends and I did things I never thought I would ever do. I was part of a skit (there were three of us in our group) and I helped the other two broken women stand tall again as they were lying wounded, hurt on the journey. They had taken some huge blows in life and I prayed for them and spoke the word of the Lord to them. Then I continued down the path and I started to fall. Hurt, pain, disappointment had come my way. These two ladies ran to me one on each side and they prayed for me and helped me stand strong once again. Then the two other ladies sang a song (I didn’t dare to add my tune) and I ended with a prayer. We joined our faith for every woman across this globe that was broken, wounded, hurt or disappointed that God would use us or send someone to help to strengthen them. We prayed for strong and confident women in whom God created in his likeness to arise and touch the world for such a time as this. This was the very first skit in my whole life I ever remember being a part of (totally out of my comfort zone). Mary, Esther, Deborah and Hannah are examples of these extraordinary women in the bible that did exploits. Today put your name here (Laurie, Candace, Judy, Janice, Christine, Launa, Mildred, Dee, Florence, Vera, Mary, JoAnne, Marilyn, Beth, Robin, Lisa, Debbie, Amy, Gail, Vicki, Teresa, etc.) you are gifted. You are loved greatly by the man that created you. There is no need to compare you to anyone just him. He fashioned you, uniquely designed you, created you and desires you to build bridges with others all across this globe. The gift he has deposited in you the world needs it. So today just because someone may not look like you, pray like you or even believe like you, it is still ok. He has a plan and if we will build bridges from church to church, home to home, business to business can you begin to imagine how it would impact our world. Since everything we do is for his glory and not our own, I pray we will take steps to build bridges. Ask him to help us be bridge builders and not to burn each other’s bridges down. Let’s pray:
Oh God, thank you for today. Thank you for every reader, every person reading this post, make us bridge builders we pray. We ask you to forgive us when we spoke negative, didn’t act kindly or made a remark when we should have remained silent. Lord, I pray you will help us to be bridge builders. Help us not to tear down bridges others built. God perfect the cracks in us that we all may reflect you to this world. For every person that is sick we pray health, every person that needs a breakthrough we intercede on their behalf today and thank you for breakthrough. Thank you for open doors of opportunity. God of the universe be God of us today. We pray for every church service Lord across this globe; may they speak truth, shine light and may many come to know you as their Lord and personal savior this day. Thank you for pouring out your spirit, reign Jesus reign. Fresh anointing fall fresh on us, we give you all the praise and all the glory in Jesus name we pray, Amen. Now declare …… I AM A BRIDGE BUILDER
Ecclesiastes 4:9-10
Two are better than one,
because they have a good return for their labor:
10 If either of them falls down,
one can help the other up.
But pity anyone who falls
and has no one to help them up.

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