As Violence Continues In Albuquerque, Attendees At City Council Meeting Sing Songs


An Albuquerque Police officer shot and killed 19 year old Mary Hawkes yesterday. APD’s third officer involved shooting in five weeks. It seems every time you tun around there is more violence in Albuquerque.

The latest shooting victim, Ms. Hawkes was a suspect in an auto theft and was killed during a foot chase. Ms. Hawkes reportedly pointed a gun at the officer before being shot.

Let us be in prayer.

It would be a good first step if the leaders of the Albuquerque City Government would admit, that the city is a very violent city, call it like it is. At last night’s City Council meeting many people showed up to voice their disapproval of APD.

Some sang songs such as, “De Colores” in Spanish. It’s the anthem of the United Farm Workers. They said they sang to get the attention of the City Council, because they do not pay attention to what the people say.

Are we paying attention to God? That is who we should be paying attention to. You and me.

This is not about singing songs, raising taxes, making the Police Chief position an elected one, saying more nothing noise…this is a heart issue. A heart issue for everyone, hearts for Jesus Christ. Living for Jesus.

There is so much hate and pain in this city, you see it all over, with families and children sleeping in cars and vacant homes, road rage, just read the story of Ms. Hawkes in the Albuquerque Journal today, it will break your heart.

Also, know there are hundreds like her on the streets, she was just 19. Unless we go back to Jesus Christ, the ways of Jesus, following biblical principles, the violence and killings will continue. The answer is so simple, most Government leaders do not see it the same for so many residents of the City of Albuquerque, they do not see Jesus as the answer, well He is the only answer.

I guarantee you that unless we change our ways to those of Jesus Christ this violence will continue. New laws can be passed, new “man made” reforms can be put forth, new taxes to fund programs can be implemented, but unless Jesus Christ it at the center of our lives in everything we do, we will fail.

Sadly, I did not hear of prayer being held at last nights meeting, but secular songs were sung. Albuquerque like most cities in America have lost it’s way. We must face the truth and the truth is Jesus Christ.

Let me be clear on this issue of violence. This should not center on the Albuquerque Police Department. The center of this problem is you and me. We have created this society. We are responsible for where we are at.  We are responsible for the break up of families, Satan has tore down the fabric of the American society, the family, through divorce, drugs, booze, sex, pornography, drugs, abortion, gambling, ( New Mexico tout’s all their casino’s and sadly, this breaks my heart, Albuquerque is the home of abortion clinics)

We have permitted Satan to rip apart families and create chaos for children.

We as a society kicked God out of much.

This is just not about Albuquerque, but the world we live in.

Many will dislike my words, that is okay. As Former President of the United States Harry Truman once said, “They thought I was giving them hell,  when I was just telling them the truth.”

The proof is in the pudding, as we used to say back home……

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