Operation Tortoise: Land Of The Free?

Bill Wilson
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   Monday, April 14, 2014 


Operation Desert Tortoise: Land of the Free?


The militant arm of extreme environmentalists, the Bureau of Land Management, retreated over the weekend, apparently ceding victory to a Nevada cattle rancher and the hundreds of American citizens and armed citizen militia. But I wouldn’t count on the peace lasting too long. As the Apostle Paul wrote to Timothy, “But evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse, deceiving and being deceived (2 Timothy 3:13).” Property ownership is foundational to a free people. Communism, however, abolishes all property ownership, and from the BLM through to the White House, America’s federal government is infested with communists. The Nevada land confiscation attempt is a small tip of a big iceberg.


Several legitimate news organizations–The Washington Post, Reuters, Breitbart, Bloomberg, WorldNetDaily, InfoWars–have been reporting since August 2012 how this Administration and certain Senators with proven socialist records have been pursuing an energy deal with Communist China that includes confiscating millions of acres of farm and ranch land from citizens. One such example was the attempted takeover of the cattle ranch in Nevada by BLM in the name of the “desert tortoise.” In reality, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and his son Rory had brokered a deal with Communist Chinese to use the land for a solar panel plant. The head of the BLM is a former senior advisor to Harry Reid.


WorldNetDaily and the Wall Street Journal traced Chinese interest in US oil and natural gas to a decision by the occupant of the Oval Office to allow the Communist Chinese to buy a $17 billion stake in nearly three million acres of energy producing land in eight states. This began in October 2009 and continues today. Bloomberg reported in April 2012 that Communist Chinese billionaire Wang Yusuo had teamed up with Senator Reid to buy Nevada land for one-eighth of its value for the solar energy farm. Wang’s US-domiciled energy company contributed over $40,000 to Reid’s reelection campaign. Reid’s son Rory is the lobbyist for that same company. These people will come after your land, too, if they can.


One other thing communism abolishes is all religion–it’s part of the Communist Manifesto. So taking Christ out of people in government–the very foundation of a person’s moral and spiritual base, leaves the government without morals. This government as led by these communists is the manifestation of decades of infestation. These evildoers will go to any length to take the fruits of another man’s labor–his land, his possessions, his freedom. From socialized medicine to confiscating your property, they will go as far as you allow them. There is no end to their greed in the name of equality and fairness. The house needs cleaning as it is full of varmints.


Have a Blessed and Powerful Day!
Bill Wilson
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