FGGAM Wishes Barbara Gould and Frank Haley “Happy Birthday”


We here at FGGAM wish two of our favorite servants of GOD, ‘HAPPY BIRTHDAY!” First of all to Barbara Gould of Emmanuel Ministries International based in Albuquerque/Rio Rancho and Hall-of-Fame Broadcaster Frank Haley of KKIM radio in Albuquerque.  They both are a bit younger this week! Amen! Happy Birthday Dear friends! Barbara serves on the FGGAM Board of Directors and I was blessed to be the manager of KKIM when Frank was inducted into the New Mexico Broadcasters Hall-of-Fame. These two servants of God have touched my life, and thousands of others,  in so many ways for God’s Glory Alone! They are two people I can call on anytime for prayer and Godly advice Dewey and Frankbarbara. Barbara just returned from a mission trip to Jamaica, and we will have a future post on her VICTORY TRIP!  Frank and his lovely wife are about to head out to Ireland. What a birthday gift! Pictured here: myself and Frank at his induction into the New Mexico Broadcasters Hall-of-Fame and Barbara Gould

We love you both! May God Bless you and yours forever and ever!

By the way friends, would you pray with me that the New Mexico Broadcasters Association will induct the late Pastor Ray Franks of KAZQ CH. 32 into the Hall-of-Fame? Pastor Ray really accomplished a lot for our Lord in all his years in radio and TV.  Ray started his broadcast career at KKIM radio in the early 70’s. The late Blackie Gonzales, founder of Son Broadcasting and Frank Haley of KKIM are the only two Christian Broadcasters that have been inducted to the New Mexico Broadcasters Hall-of-Fame.

I know that those Christian Broadcasters that have passed on, are already in “God’s Hall-of-Fame”, which is Heaven! But for those here on earth we hold these Christian Broadcasters up as an example to others, to follow in their footsteps. It is not an easy walk, having been doing it for years myself, we need to “grow up” other broadcasters for the Kingdom!

Seeing the works of Blackie, Ray and Frank should give others hope!


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