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Dear Family of our Lord Jesus Christ,

We pray today that the CUP encourages you in our Lord in greatness for HIM and HIS Kingdom! Amen!

These are all the things God wanted me to share with you today……..

“Most of the important things in the world have been accomplished by people who have kept on trying when there seemed to be no hope at all.” Dale Carnegie

Amen to that! We go forth here everyday at FGGAM in the hope of Jesus Christ, Amen! Michelle Blood shared that, she is a longtime friend from Californiaencouragement!

God will not give relief to His children who purposely walk away from His will. Chuck Swindoll

Word’s of wisdom from Chuck! Amen to that!

We Praise God for this report!I think this is such a wonderful report, especially as we head toward Resurrection Sunday! I pray that the American Church be Resurrected. Let this be a strong message to Christians all over the World! Amen!human shield Thousands of Christians formed a human shield around the newly-constructed Sanjiang Christian Church in China’s Zhejiang Province after police officers with bulldozers threatened to demolish it, according to International Christian Concern.

The human shield that they formed saved the Church from destruction.

The standoff at the church reportedly began after a visiting Communist Party secretary said the church was too large.

“When the Party secretary Xia Baolong visited the local areas, he found the cross on top of the church very conspicuous. So he ordered that it be demolished,” church leader Zheng Leguo told ChinaAid.

The standoff was unusual in that Sanjiang Church is part of China’s Three-Self Patriotic Movement and that its congregation was officially sanctioned by the Communist state.

Please read this by Pastor Don Kimbro:


This Devotional was sent to us by my Dear friend Sonja Haldeman in Surprise Arizona it is just fantastic! As we prepare for Resurrection Sunday!

April 10, 2014
He has Risen!
Mary Southerland

Today’s Truth

He is not here; he has risen! (Luke 24:6, NIV).

Friend to Friend

The boys and girls in Mrs. Stephens’ fourth grade Sunday school class entered the room and quickly found their seats. The girls were dressed in frills and lace and chatting excitedly about the candy-filled baskets they had received that morning. The boys pulled at the unfamiliar ties around their necks and quickly discarded the sports coats they had obviously been forced to wear. The room was filled with excitement – for good reason. It was Easter Sunday.

Mrs. Stephens wanted to help her students understand that there is so much more to the Easter holiday than new clothes, chocolate bunnies, and egg hunts. Easter is more than family gatherings and tables filled with luscious food. Easter is about life. Easter celebrates the certainty of Jesus’ death on the cross, the fact that He was buried, and the reality that He came out of that burial tomb to conquer death so that we can live now and eternally.

Mrs. Stephens came up with a plan. After sharing the Bible story of Jesus’ resurrection, she gave each one of her students an empty plastic egg and said, “We are going to take a walk outside, and I want each one of you to find one sign of life and put it in your plastic egg.” As the children filed out of the room, Mrs. Stephens noticed Danny, a little boy with Down syndrome who had been coming to her class for some time. His bright smile and sunny disposition had immediately won her heart. In fact, when it came to Danny, she often thought he had taught her so much more about the unconditional love of God and the joy of simply being a child of God than she could ever teach him. When she heard the other children make fun of him, it broke her heart. She always corrected the children and tried to help them see just how special Danny was, but Danny seemed oblivious to their hurtful words, and thought of each child as his “buddy.”

The children soon returned from their walk, depositing their eggs on the teacher’s desk as they made their way to their seats. Inside one student’s egg was a butterfly. In another was an ant. Others had collected flowers, twigs, blades of grass and leaves to fill their eggs. But one egg had nothing in it. Everyone knew whose egg it was. Mrs. Stephens silenced the giggles with a look of warning. When she asked Danny why he had not put anything inside his egg to show signs of life, his face broke into a huge grin as he responded, “Because the tomb was empty.”

Danny got it. He truly understood the profound truth of Easter. The empty tomb is the ultimate sign of life and a miracle like none other.

Jesus Christ had risen from the dead. The women knew Jesus was dead. Some of them had seen Him die. And they were sure His body was in the tomb; it had been there since Friday. But when they went to anoint the body on that Sunday morning, the tomb was empty! The body could not have been stolen. Nobody was playing tricks on them. They were not merely fooling themselves. The miracle was real. They could see the empty tomb with their own eyes. Jesus Christ really had risen from the dead!

Spend some time today thanking God for the miracle of life. And then share the good news with someone else: He is risen! He is risen indeed!

Let’s Pray

Father, Thank You for the miracle of life – abundant life here, and eternal life with You in Heaven. Help me celebrate that life every day as I seek You and follow Your plan for my life. Today, I say with the Apostle Paul, “Where, O death is your victory? Where, O death is your sting?”

In Jesus’ name,


Now It’s Your Turn

Consider this truth: Satan has no answer for the empty tomb. What does the resurrection of Jesus Christ really mean to you?

Set aside time today to remember what Christ has done for you through His death on the cross and His resurrection from the dead. Read Luke 24 and celebrate the life only He can give.

More from the Girlfriends

I would love to have been there that morning when the women went to the tomb – expecting to deal with death and instead found life, wouldn’t you? You may be dealing with death in your own life – the loss of a loved one – the death of a dream – the pain of a broken body. Just as Jesus Christ rose from the dead, He can breathe new life into your heart and mind. Right now, quietly turn to Jesus. He is waiting for you – healing and restoration and new life are in His hands.

You can make Mary’s MP3, Celebrate Life, part of your Easter celebration. Are you discouraged and ready to give up? Enroll in Mary’s weekly online Bible Study, Down … but NOT Out, and learn how to face and deal with the pain in your life. Be sure to connect with Mary on Facebook or through email.

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Kelly’s Word For The Day~

God showed me to share this excellent post by Dr. Charles Stanley on something we all deal with..it is just AWESOME!

Looking Beyond Disappointment

Read | John 11:3-6

When disappointments come your way in life, it is easy to blame both yourself and others. Frequently it’s difficult to know what to say or do, because you cannot quite identify the real cause or purpose of the letdown.

Disappointment is often an emotional response to our own failure—or someone else’s—to achieve a desire, hope, dream, or goal. This can lead to losing faith in a person on whom we were depending, possibly even a loved one.

The gospel of John tells us that Jesus loved Martha, her sister Mary, and their brother Lazarus. Because of this, the two women didn’t sense the need to tell the Lord anything more than “He whom You love is sick” (John 11:3). Their expectation was that as soon as Jesus heard these words, He would come and heal their brother. But the Lord didn’t set out for two more days.

When Martha met Jesus, she was disappointed because He hadn’t come right away, and His delay allowed Lazarus to die. She didn’t see His purpose.

But truly, God does have a reason for the disappointments He allows in our life. He could prevent them, but He wants us to discover His purpose. His desire is that we will operate out of trust and let our circumstance bring glory to Him (John 11:4, 25).

When disappointments come, will you be stalled and derailed from the Lord’s will for your life? Or will you find yourself beginning to understand His purpose so you can learn from those situations? The right response is simply to trust Him.

WOW!!!!! POWERFUL CUP TODAY IN OUR LORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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For God’s Glory Alone in the love of our Lord Jesus Christ, Dewey, Sharon, family and FGGAM Team!

Let us keep praying for each other and our families.

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