8 Year Old Pays Off Overdue Lunch Accounts Of Classmates


As we prepare for Resurrection Sunday I found this story to have the message of Jesus Christ. Jesus came to serve not to be served. I pray that this story inspires you! Cayden Taipalus, 8, decided to take action. The third grader at Challenger Elementary School in Howell, Michigan saw a friend forced to give up his hot lunch because his account balance was overdue; Taipalus decided to make a change and pay off the account balances for all the students at his school.

Cayden came home upset when his friend was forced to give up his hot lunch simply because his account was overdue. He came home and told his mother about the situation and decided he wanted to help his friend and all those who were forced to go without a hot lunch. Together they returned empty bottles and cans and asked for donations from family and friends.

The story grew thanks to a local radio station, and the donations then poured in from the city, state, country, and even abroad. Each one helped pay for a student’s hot lunch, which made Cayden extremely grateful and excited.lunch balances

Not only has Cayden paid off the accounts at his own school, but with the money he’s raised, he’s been able to visit five schools to pay off lunch accounts for students he didn’t even know. According to a fundraising website, Cayden has paid for over 4,000 reduced lunches for students with the $14,110 he’s raised. Cayden has a goal of raising $15,000 and continuing to help others get a hot lunch.

Picture is of Cayden thanking everyone who donated. Picture by Screengrab

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