Santa Fe Student Hits the Books, to Hide His Drugs


itDrugs have been a problem in our schools for decades. This week we have seen several stories of students being caught using or selling pot. We have been sending mixed messages to our children as we legalize marijuana across the country in various forms.

KRQE is reporting that a Santa Fe High School student was cited for smoking pot in the baseball dugout. The 14 year old boy had snuck the drugs into school and officers found his stash hidden inside the Stephen King novel “It”.

The book was hollowed out to hold pot, cash and drug paraphernalia. Two other young girls were also cited for having drugs and drug paraphernalia.

It is ironic that the drugs were hid in this Stephen King novel. “It” is about an entity that destroys children as it hides behind the friendly facade of a clown. We are doing the same thing by decriminalizing and normalizing pot use. These “small” stories are very revealing of how we are destroying and corrupting our children.

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