FGGAM, Lord Willing, Will Surpass 180,000 Visitors Today! Thank you!


When God had Pastor Paul Holt jump started FGGAM’s news and inspiration web site back in February of 2013, I had no idea that the Lord would have us rise up so high for Him! Amen! Then this young man Isaac Milleson, our CTO,  came along and put the dynamite of the Lord into FGGAM and we continue to grow in readers for God’s Glory Alone! Amen! Since February of 2013 we will in the next few hours go over 180,000 visitors. We are based in Albuquerque, New Mexico,  it is our number one city in the world that we reach, but get this, New York City is number 2! PTL! New Mexico is our number 1 state, California is number 2! The United States is our number 1 country, with The United Kingdom and Canada almost tied for number 2! God is using FGGAM in a powerful way to send news and inspiration to the world through a Biblical perspective. We thank all who volunteer their God given writing skills to FGGAM! When you stop and think that this little ministry is ran out of the Moede’s house and Paul’s office, it’s pretty incredible, but that is our Lord! For those of you that do not know, FGGAM also serves God’s people through preaching, teaching, counseling, radio, and Youtube. Pray with us as we are working on ways to better serve the world for God’s Glory Alone! Amen!

Just think, 180,000 people have gotten a glimpse of heaven through the works of the FGGAM web site! Incredible!

When you factor in our past TV programs and our radio programming that is now on 4 stations, our counseling and preaching, in the last year we have reached just over 300,000 people in the past 12 months.glory to God

300,000 PRAISE GOD! WOW!

Only God, it’s all God!

Thankful that we have excellent tracking services.

The verse that drives FGGAM is Acts 20:24…….My life is worth nothing unless I use it for doing the work assigned me by the Lord Jesus.

You can do our mission a great work by suggesting FGGAM to all your friends, friend us on Facebook, forward our posts to your friends. Please spread the word what God is doing at FGGAM, For HIS Glory Alone!


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