Power On Display



Power on Display

 Morning by morning I enjoy sitting near a window in my bedroom, coffee in hand to watch creation stir and awaken. Joy and strength appear as I contemplate the wonder of God’s gift of new morning mercies. It’s a blustery day and the wind is pushing up the little mountain ridge my house is perched on, whipping wildly through the trees. From time to time, the strength of a gust catches me by surprise and I sit in awe at the powerful force the wind can display.

My thoughts begin to dwell on other fascinating ways I’ve seen power displayed in creation. Besides wind force, powerful ocean waves I’ve been in, under or over; a gushing river pushing through narrow, rocky chutes; the ground trembling and rocking beneath my feet during an earthquake. At the edge of a Canadian ice field, I am awed to observe how vast a crevice was cut from the still melting and lingering iceberg over the course of years. Even the power of childbirth taken in a natural state where approximately 43 pounds of pressure per square inch is at work through contractions to bring forth life from womb to world.

Sitting in the moment with the drama of wind right outside, coupled with these other thoughts of God’s creative power on earth, I can’t help but find my way to a promising passage in Romans that inspires me on to face the day ahead. On display in Romans 8:11, the power of God through His Holy Spirit:  “But if the Spirit of Him Who raised Jesus from the dead dwells in you, He Who raised Christ from the dead will also give life to your mortal bodies through His Spirit who dwells in you.”  He will give life, or quicken as some versions translate it. I rejoice to think of the many ways this can apply to my life. His Power at work in me as I walk this earth; Power for my physical body that can be wearied; Power to represent Him in my sphere of influence; Power to turn away from sin; Power to love unconditionally.

Lord, thank you for creation; for the ways Your personality, character and power are on display for all to see. Please help us to understand and receive into our inner man, the Power of Your Holy Spirit that you have given and promised to us to live a life, every moment of every day, that is quickened, strengthened and empowered. We want to bring You glory. In Jesus, Amen




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