Fukushima Radiation ‘Significantly’ Undercounted


Bloomberg is reporting that the Initial radiation tests that were by Tepco where ‘significantly’ undercounted due to errors.[1]

The Japan Times reveals that “the health risk assessment indicates that doses after 2012 will raise the lifetime solid cancer incidence rate among 1-year-old girls by 1.06 percentage.”[2] It is now estimated that around 43 million people will be affected.[3]

Ken Buesseler from the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution said that “no federal or international agencies are monitoring ocean waters from Fukushima on this side of the Pacific, so he has organized volunteer monitors at 16 sites along the California and Washington coasts and two in Hawaii to collect seawater in 20-liter specialized plastic containers and ship them by UPS to his Woods Hole laboratory.”[4] Ken talked with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration in Washington, D.C. about doing some testing but their response was that the Department of Energy has “excellent” facilities to work with radiation but they do not study the ocean.[5]

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