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Battling the Boycott! – Part II 
Recent months have witnessed a mounting new wave of calls to boycott Israel. Foreign banks are being pressured to shun Israeli companies. Academics and musical artists are badgered to stay away. It’s also the time of year again for all those Israel Apartheid Weeks on college campuses. And sadly, there are even Christian leaders and entire churches joining this growing movement to sanction and divest from Israel. Now those pushing these efforts to boycott and de-legitimize Israel never seem to let up. And the sense that they are gaining momentum is being felt here in Israel as well as by Jewish communities abroad. In fact, when the leaders of 50 major American Jewish organizations arrived in Jerusalem last week for the Conference of Presidents’ annual gathering in Israel, the boycott campaign was a central topic of discussion. So what is really behind all the renewed calls to boycott Israel? Is it just plain old Jew hatred, only now directed against Israel? How are these efforts different from past attempts to boycott Jews? What can Israel and its allies be doing to expose the racism and lies of the boycott promoters? And will they ever prevail in their bid to isolate the Jewish state and eventually make it disappear? Battling the Boycott – Part Two! That’s our focus this week here on Front Page Jerusalem! We’ll continue our coverage from last week on the growing efforts to boycott Israel. Our main report will feature comments and analysis on the campaign to de-legitimize Israel delivered at the annual gathering in Jerusalem of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations. This umbrella of the 50 most prominent Jewish groups in the USA heard some hard-hitting remarks on the boycott from the likes of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Conference of Presidents’ vice chairman Malcolm HoenleinMK Isaac Herzog, and Israeli legal expert Dr. Tal Becker.

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On today’s program we’re continuing our look from last week at the growing movement to boycott Israel. This was a major topic of concern ata gathering in Jerusalem last week of the 50 most prominent American Jewish organizations. Front Page senior producer David Parsons has compiled a report from some of the remarks at that conference by top Israeli and American Jewish leaders. We’ll be hearing about the boycott from Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Opposition leader Isaac Herzog,Conference of Presidents’ vice chairman Malcolm Hoenlein, and Israeli legal expertDr. Tal Becker.
Word From ZionDavid Parsons2

In today’s Word From Zion, we continue our recent focus on the biblical subject of Restoration, and particularly as it relates to Israel. Front Page senior producer David Parsons, an ordained minister with the International Christian Embassy in Jerusalem, continues his teaching series on the Restoration of Israel which sets out how it a sure promise of Scripture.

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Preparing for the Next Rocket War
 Israel’s enemies are always looking for chinks in its armor and they believe they have found one in recent years in Israel’s vulnerability to rocket and missile attacks on its civilian homefront. Indeed, groups like Hamas and Hizbullah have been making and stockpiling missiles at alarming rates. And on at least three occasions in recent years they have bombarded major Israeli cities with massive rocket barrages. Now Israel has been trying to close any holes in its defenses by developing a multi-tiered missile shield that includes the Patriot 3, the Arrow 3, David’s Sling, and now the impressive Iron Dome. There are also some more amazing missile defense systems being readied for deployment to close all the gaps. But Israeli security experts remain concerned that these missile defenses may be simply overwhelmed by hundreds of rockets fired at one time. And latest estimates claim that there are currently more than 170,000 rockets and missiles aimed at Israel’s civilian heartland. So what is Israel doing to prepare for large-scale missile attacks in the next war with its enemies? Has Israel developed some new surprises to help shield the nation from massive rocket barrages? Who is it that has all those rockets pointed at Israel’s homefront? And will the Israeli military be able to successfully defend the home front? Preparing for the Next Rocket War! That’s our focus next week here on Front Page Jerusalem! We’ll look at what Israeli military and government officials are doing to get the nation ready for all those massive missile barrages expected in the next conflict with its Arab and Islamic foes. Today’s main report will feature a sobering assessment on Israel’s missile defense capabilities by Maj. Gen. Yaakov Amidror, a former IDF intelligence officer who just stepped down as the top National Security Advisor to Israel’s prime minister.

Airing the weekend of March 8, 2014

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