Family is the Fabric of our Society, I have come to inflict the comfortable and comfort the inflicted

Dewey Moede - Miracle

Here at FGGAM we stand in the gap for God on two major issues in our society, the sanctity of life and marriage. Yesterday I posted about the awful tragedy of 9 year old Omaree Varela of Albuquerque, who was apparently kicked to death by his Mother. New Mexico news always seems to be filled with the latest death of a child. One that sticks with me is a few years ago reporting on radio about the baby that was killed by its Mother and then buried in a city park. She had been to an APD substation asking for help. This morning on the front page of the Albuquerque Journal, the front page is full of headlines like this: Mother mourns daughter killed in APD crash, the story once again involves mischief on the part of an APD Officer, Sgt. Adam Casaus who was speeding in his APD SUV. He was fired. Then there is the story of the 13 month old baby boy who was killed in Crystal, a small Navajo Reservation town. The little boy was found near a culvert.

Today and all days, I encourage you to hold revival in your own home and pray over your family. The world is spinning out of control. Face the truth, corruption and all other types of sin are all around us. Satan is seeking and destroying families. Families are the fabric of our society.

Many do not like posts like this because it causes them to face the truth and makes them uncomfortable.

I am not here to tickle your ears,the purpose of FGGAM is to challenge you. I have come to comfort the inflicted and inflict the comfortable. I am here to present the truth, the answer is Jesus Christ not some sort of government program, a new law, or a political party.

Jesus Christ is the answer, a personal relationship with HIM.

Bad behavior equals bad results, and othersdewey more may get hurt or killed.

Every morning and night, pray over your family, anoint your family with oil, hold revival in your home, stay close to the Lord so you can hear him as to what you are to do.

It starts in your home, not in a government facility or political party office, the majority of these folks are no longer interested in the peoples business, certainly not God’s business.

It is time for all Christians to pull up their boot straps and be salt and light.

Ps….I have studied the life of Will Rogers, a great American hero. From Wikipedia: William Penn Adair “Will” Rogers (November 4, 1879 – August 15, 1935) was an American cowboyvaudeville performer, humorist, social commentator and motion picture actor. He was one of the world’s best-known celebrities in the 1920s and 1930s. I have visited  the Will Rogers Museum in Claremore, Oklahoma. Will was such a great communicator to the American people. He went after the President, Congress, he did not care what party they represented, that is just one of the reasons Will was so popular. He cared for the common folk, he was concerned with the people’s business. I don’t even hear the term ‘people’s business’ anymore in America. We try to bring that same, Will Rogers reporting style to FGGAM.

“The average citizen knows only too well that it makes no difference to him which side wins. He realizes that the Republican elephant and the Democratic donkey have come to resemble each other so closely that it is practically impossible to tell them apart; both of them make the same braying noise, and neither of them ever says anything. The only perceptible difference is that the elephant is somewhat the larger of the two: Will Rogers

and this from Will:

  • “Everything is changing. People are taking the comedians seriously and the politicians as a joke.”

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