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Dear Family of our Lord Jesus Christ,

 If I take care of my character my reputation will take care of itself. D.L. Moody

cheering at baseball gameThink of the last five things that brought you Godly enjoyment, and thank God for each one. Make sure whatever you enjoy  is in line with God, if not, change your behavior. Express your desire to be filled more consistently with God’s joy and to be more aware of and grateful for each pleasure God brings your way! Amen!
Yes, one of my great pleasures is watching baseball! Amen!
Today I have come once again to comfort those inflicted and inflict the comfortable………..

We are talking on many unpopular stances that the world has!!!! Check us at atwww.fggam.org  FGGAM.ORG!
I am sorry I was not with you yesterday, I however did several post’s at FGGAM.ORG,  but I had a very busy schedule this weekend. I was up early on Saturday, preparing my sermon for Sunday, as I preached at the Baptist Church in Reserve. Please pray, my car has nearly 170,000 miles on it now, over 30,000 miles in 2013. We do this as a calling, not for money, we need you all to come together and support FGGAM. I will need a new used car soon. I never have had a new car and do not intend to have one. The car needs work, failing computer system, gas gauge does not work, etc. Do you see a need? A dear friend, Richard Gordon donated a used pick-up truck to me yesterday, as my back up car has failed and it will be junked. I will use the pick up truck to drive around the city to save miles on the Chevy Malibu. Do you see a need? It does get discouraging at times. I remember a few years ago when Pastor Paul did not have a car! I made a plea to the KKIM audience at a seminar and a lady gave him a truck! So just like Richard Gordon and this lovely lady who helped Paul and Jo, there are more of you out there that can help FGGAM. This is not of me and Sharon or Paul and Jo, this is of God. God has given us this work to be done for Him. It is biblical that fellow believers come and help. I remember Pastor Marvin Capehart, who for years would circuit preach in New Mexico and was always driving a junk car. Why do Christians allow a servant of God to be put in this predicament? We are but humble servants of God and His people. There are so many small ministries and small churches in need at this time.It is also time for the bigger Churches to help the smaller churches. That is one reason why we travel to Reserve once a month, to help the smaller churches.
The larger churches need to be a feeder system for the small church, used eqt. and supplies for a couple of things and how about a love offering to one small church a month?  This should not be a denominational thing! Maybe we need to put a little more focus on missionary work right here in America.
Saturday was a tough day as a tumor was found on one of Buffy’s toes. Buffy had cancer 3 years ago, we are not claiming cancer, please pray with us.We also have Reno recoverying from cancer surgery.  It has been a rough 2 months at the Moede house with health issues. Please pray for us. Sharon’s health is better. Jo Holt has been having asthma attacks, please pray for her. Pastor Paul and Jo Holt have become so instrumental in the day to day running of FGGAM as has Isaac Milleson. We thank the Lord for them. I have to tell you this, as I type this Buffy is sleeping on my feet.
I also thank the FGGAM Board of Director’s who stand in the gap for us!!!! In prayer and love!
Saturday was also a blessing to be on KKIM Radio with Pastor Mark Tross and ‘Ask The Pastor’ program. It was a wonderful homecoming as I had not been back to KKIM for 18 months. We thank Pastor Mark for this opportunity to share about FGGAM and radio and TV ministry.
Sunday I was up at 3:30am to do the news at FGGAM.ORG and get ready to leave for Reserve which is 8 hours in the car. Got home at 7:30pm. I did stop in Magdalena on the way home to brain storm with Pastor Paul and Jo on our web site and the need for more writers. We need 2 more news writers. We have 34 volunteers at this time, but we need news reporters. Would you be interested? It has become a full time job managing FGGAM.ORG with all the moving parts.
God has taken this little ministry and has made New York City are number 2 city in readers of FGGAM.ORG PRAISE GOD!!!!! With our news and inspiration God is taking that and spreading it to where it is needed most! Our number 2 state is California! Our number 2 country is the United Kingdom! FGGAM is blessed by God, it is run by God! FGGAM is not just a New Mexico Ministry any longer and has not been for several months. For God’s Glory Alone!
I want to add that the trip to Reserve was such a blessing, the folks were so pumped up after church they took me to lunch and we celebrated the goodness of our Lord! Amen!
Monday was President’s Day and I see that America has basically made it into a day off and a shopping day. We took to the airwaves yesterday on KDAZ AM730 and talked about this and other matters concerning our Country and World. We will have the audio up soon at FGGAM.ORG Please always check our media center for updates on new audio and video. My sermon that I delivered in Reserve on Sunday will also be up soon, all for God’s Glory alone!
We also were on 3 radio stations throughout Northern and Central New Mexico on Sunday.
So you can see, we are working hard to fulfill the command that God has given us, to reach the world for Him, one person at a time, all 34 of us.
We here at FGGAM, are here to comfort you in the knowledge of Jesus Christ.
Here is an example of what we have been up to………………Let us stand in the gap for God for what is right! WE THE PEOPLE!
Great_seal_of_the_state_of_New_MexicoThe New Mexico Legislative session is about to come to an end. What business has come out of the Roundhouse that is going to benefit the tax payer?
Name me one. Email it to me please.
As I wrote this I became sick to my stomach, this is almost like a rap sheet of corruption, crime, inept public officials, etc….Why do the people of New Mexico put up with this?
It makes me very sad to write this post, but we must stand up and shout from the roof tops for what is right and wrong. There is a moral obligation to point out right from wrong.
Whatever happened to getting the people’s business done? Whatever happened to leadership? In it’s editorial page today the Albuquerque Journal states this lie from Rep. Miguel Garcia, Democrat of Albuquerque, shame on you sir! Here is his Garcia’s statement on fraud dealing with New Mexico Drivers licenses: “the whole thing about criminal activity attributed to the driver’s licenses program is a manufactured crises.” And we really want someone like him representing the people of this state? Whatever happened to putting the people of this state first, and protecting them?
The Journal points on that a Chinese immigrant was found guilty of 64 counts of fraud related to obtaining New Mexico driver’s licenses for people from China, Taiwan, Malaysia and South Korea. An Albuquerque man is charged with charging men from Mexico and Ecuador $1,ooo each for fake documents.
The Journal points out more cases of fraud dealing with divers licenses on the Editorial page this morning.
I thank the Lord for media outlets like the Albuquerque Journal for bringing this out in the open.
My point in bringing this out is, why do  people put up with inept public officials?
How abut this:
More corruption, the Chairman of the New Mexico Game Commission has resigned because game officers filed a misdemeanor charge alleging he was an accessory to the unlawful killing of a cougar this month. Scott Bidegain who was appointed by Governor Martinez also took part in a coyote killing contest in Nevada.
What happens to these people? It seems when some are appointed to these positions they think they are above the law, certainly their EGO’s come out. EGO stand for Edging God Out.
Can these people just stay at home and leave the common folk alone?
Who has more power in this state, State Senator Michael Sanchez or Governor Martinez?
How can Sanchez ‘feel good’ about New Mexico being first in everything undesirable and last in everything desirable under his leadership. Sanchez seems to run things in Santa Fe and it seems the majority of New Mexico is okay with this. That is plain dysfunctional.
His latest circus is what he and his gang have put Public Education Chief Hanna Skandera through. Yesterday at the Roundhouse a Senate committee deadlocked on a vote to advance her nomination. Skandera has been in charge of the State’s Education since 2011 but never confirmed because of hate from the Democrats, this even thou the state has improved graduation rates and other aspects of education under her leadership. Skandera has the support of the Presidents of the state’s largest universities and school board members from Albuquerque and Santa Fe. Skandera makes Sanchez , Linda Lopez, who is running for Governor on the Dem’s side and most all Democrats, very uncomfortable because she wants to change the Education system in New Mexico, from failing to passing, from under water to above water. Those Dem’s love their failing comfort level. They are failing the tax payers of this state, they are failing our children in about every category from violent crime to education.
Has the Legislature even addressed violent crime in New Mexico? The well being of hungry children? The inept CYFD? Gang activity from outside the United States? How about the sanctity of marriage? How about the sanctity of life,  abortion?
What have these folks accomplished? I give this years session an F so far, the Governor, the Republicans and Democrats.
More Corruption:
Yesterday FGGAM News received this Press Release from the New Mexico Taxation and Revenue Dept.
Keep in mind the Correra family, Father and son have been tied to monkey business in Gov. Bill Richardson’s administration. There may be more to come in this mess. The Correras were key figures in accusations that New Mexico investments from the State Investment Council and Educational Retirement Board were steered through political insiders.
Marc Correra Pleads No Contest To Tax Evasion Charge & Pays Nearly $329,000 In Back Taxes, Interest and Penalties
SANTA FE – First Judicial District Attorney Angela “Spence” Pacheco and State Taxation and Revenue Secretary Demesia Padilla announced today that Marc Correra pleaded no contest to one count of tax evasion and paid nearly $329,000 in back taxes, interest and penalties.
Correra, 50, a former New Mexico resident, failed to pay his personal income taxes for the year of 2009 in the amount of nearly $268,000. On Monday, he entered into an agreement with the First Judicial District Attorney’s Office and pleaded no contest to one count of tax evasion before State District Judge T. Glenn Ellington.
As part of the plea agreement, Correra paid the State back taxes, interest and penalties and was placed on three months unsupervised probation. Once Correra successfully completes his probation, he will be conditionally discharged, according to the plea agreement.
“This was a complicated case that took nearly three years to put together with the help of District Attorney Spence Pacheco and her staff,” said Secretary Padilla. “This should send a strong message that we will pursue anyone who does not pay their fair share of taxes owed to the State.”
The Department’s investigation into this case began after an anonymous tip was called into the Tax Fraud Hotline.
“The First Judicial District Attorney’s Office has a good working relationship with the Tax Fraud Investigation Division of the Taxation and Revenue Department.  Together we have been working on this case for almost three years. We were finally able come to a favorable resolution. This case illustrates that everyone has a responsibility to pay their income taxes,” said Regina Ryanczak, Deputy District Attorney for the First Judicial District Attorney’s Office.
New Mexicans can call the Fraud Hotline (866-457-6789) to report any suspected violations of tax fraud.
And then this also from yesterday, more Corruption:
This is a Press Release FGGAM News just received from David Clements candidate for U.S. Senate:   
Las Cruces, NM – David Clements, Republican candidate for U.S. Senate and former Assistant District Attorney, released a letter he sent to fellow candidate Allen Weh about fraudulent activities that resulted in the election of delegates to the state Republican convention that were not present at the pre-convention meeting and ineligible to be elected as a Delegate.   The state Republican convention will qualify candidates for the June 3rd primary.  Generally, the candidate who prevails at the convention has the advantage heading into the primary election.
Mr. Weh,
I write you today to bring a troubling situation to your attention.   At the Bernalillo County Pre-Convention Meeting, your campaign manager deceitfully provided a list of at-large delegates whom were not in attendance and, according to the rules, ineligible to be considered for election at that time.  However, in the confusion of the meeting, the list of ineligible delegates was accepted without vetting or verification of their attendance.  Bernalillo Republicans who registered, paid, and attended the convention for hours to become delegates were unjustly ousted by your campaign’s list.
After the list was provided, 90 ballots were submitted by your campaign staffers, which tripled the number of persons in attendance during the at-large election, giving the outright appearance of fraud as the rules clearly state proxies are not allowed to submit ballots.  Even more troubling, the Bernalillo Rules Chair observed two of your campaign staffers counting ballots, after the Convention Chair specified that no member of a campaign staff be involved in the counting.
Colonel, upon hearing of this dishonorable behavior, I believe that you would want to join me in asking the New Mexico Republican Party and the Bernalillo County Republican Party to void the list of ineligible delegates.   At this point it may be too late to hold a fair election of eligible delegates per the original rules and intent of the Bernalillo County pre-convention meeting, or restore the rights of those who attended in the hopes of being elected as delegates. Regardless of whether there is a fair remedy, your campaign members’ actions have tainted the integrity of the entire Bernalillo delegation and cast a cloud over the upcoming state primary convention.
While we may disagree on issues throughout this campaign, I could not imagine that you would turn down a chance to stand on the side of truth and honor.  If the roles were reversed, I would appreciate you notifying me of this unethical behavior.  I hope you feel the same way.
Furthermore, I would not presume to tell you how to discipline your campaign manager and the paid Weh Campaign staffers who intentionally broke the rules at the Bernalillo County pre-convention meeting and tarnished an otherwise honorable event.   That is, no doubt, an internal issue for you and your campaign.
Please contact me at *****@*********.com.  We can issue a joint statement to the respective party committees and remedy this despicable act of cheating at once.
Respectfully submitted,
David Clements, Esq.
 Picture is of David Clements
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For God’s Glory Alone In the love of our Lord Jesus Christ, Dewey, Sharon, Paul, Jo, FGGAM Board and families
Let us continue to pray for each other and our families
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