The Word For The Day: Praying Away And Praying Through


From the book, “The Circle Maker” by Mark Batterson

“There is a big difference between praying away and praying through. We’re often so anxious to get out of difficult, painful, or challenging situations that we fail to grow through them. We’re so fixated on getting out of them that we don’t get anything out of them. We fail to learn the lessons God is trying to teach us or cultivate the character God is trying to grow in us. We’re so focused on God changing our circumstances that we never allow God to change us! So instead of ten or twenty years of experience, we have one year of experience repeated ten or twenty times. Sometimes we need to pray “get me out” prayers. But sometimes we need to pray “get me through” prayers. And we need the discernment to know when to pray what. If we’re being completely honest, most of our prayers have as their chief objective our own personal comfort rather than God’s glory. We want to pray away every problem, but those shortsighted prayers would short-circuit God’s perfect plan. There are seasons and situations when we need to simply pray through.”
Pastor DeweyMark batterson circle maker Note: If you have not read this book, please do! I have and I could read it a thousand times! EXCELLENT! You will be blessed! Thank you Mark Batterson!mark batterson

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