The Word for The Day: Many are struggling to make ends meet

January 25, 2014. Many people today are struggling to make ends meet. Others are knocking on the door of hopelessness. If only you could find the sure path of God’s will and success, you would gladly walk that path. Right?

What if you found out that the path was someone, rather than a physical roadway? That Someone is Jesus who is the incarnate, resurrected and ascended word of God. You know God loves you and promises to bless you. God makes a way by and through His promises found in His word. He is ready daily to show you the proverbial goose that lays the golden eggs. Wise is the one who will fill his or her mind with the will and intentions of God. In finding His will, promises and directives, you are assured of success and prosperity in the Lord. Want to try it?


It was not easy being the son of a sharecropper. There was little to encourage me that my life could be blessed with success and prosperity. God’s path for me turned out to be a man sent from God. He told me that Jesus had a plan for my life to make me to be someone special, to have a great purpose and destiny. My mama daily…


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