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Dear Family of our Lord Jesus Christ,
Thank you for stopping by for a CUP! We love you all! 
We ask for you continued prayers for Reno, it has been a week now since he has been home, the bleeding has slowed, but I feel so bad for him when he bleeds. Pastor Paul Holt’s whole church is praying for Reno. I also come to you this morning and ask for prayers for my angel Sharon who is having an attack of Crohns disease, she is in much, much pain today, but went to work anyway.Please pray for Sharon and our whole family as we face many challenges, as many of you do also..   We also ask for your continued prayers for FGGAM News reporter Rick Stambaugh for continued healing and be free of pain. We pray for Ricky Gordon to find full time employment. We pray for Franchesca Stevens to find full time employment. We pray for all those seeking work. We continue to pray for Pastor Ray Franks and the healing of his body.  We pray for all those that are having trouble getting health insurance yet, even thou they were promised healthcare. It is horrible what President Obama has done to our health care system. I cannot find one Doctor, nurse or Pharmacist that says it is a good thing, it is awful. I have many folks who cannot get needed medical tests because of this mess. It is a darn right shame what we have allowed to happen to this country! Our son Lars was refused Obamacare! The President has lied to the American people. Shame on him! I pray that the President turn from the darkness. Why does this President continue to get away with this continuing mess? Where is the backbone of America? I am sick and tired of seeing the American people hurt.
Are you? We as a country are hurting are own people. I don’t think God can be pleased about this.
America has gone the way of the world and not of heaven.
America, Bless God and turn from your evil ways.
Billy Graham: The Bible says that we are doomed to eternal banishment from the presence of God because sin separates man from God. Remember, sin brings about a penalty: “The soul who sins shall die” Ezekiel 18:4
No one could have forced Jesus to the cross hadjesus on cross He been unwilling to go. This is the crux of the cross—Jesus chose to go to Calvary. He willingly laid down His life for the sins of the world. He died of His own volition by allowing your sins and my sins to be nailed to His cross.
From Grace Cordova Friend of FGGAM: Dewey, wanted to share the info below shared by our mutual friend, Sam Newton about Greg Griego of Albuquerque. Sam provided some good info about how we can help this young man and his precious little daughter focus on healing and being well. Even if folks cannot help, all prayers for Greg’s recovery would be most welcome, and a great comfort to Greg and his family. Thanks and God bless!
My friend and Coyote 102.5 “Behind the Scenes” “Guru” Greg Griego is fighting Cancer! He is a single Dad and lives alone. His co-pays and treatment costs are something he shouldn’t have to worry about – he and his family should only focus on aggressive treatment and recovery. Greg’s family has set up an account for him at Wells Fargo under the name “BIG G”.
You can donate to acct #8899727401 at any Wells Fargo. On behalf of Greg and my family I want to thank you and the station for keeping Greg in your prayers and for helping him with these donations. Love the Griego Family”
Thank you all for your kind words and prayers! Our Coyote 102.5 Team and the Griego family appreciate you.
— with Greg Griego.
From Pastor Dewey:
Thank you Grace and Sam for letting us know of this need! We pray healing in Jesus name over Greg. We pray for his little girl and entire family during this time. We pray the healing blood of Jesus over Greg, in Jesus name, Amen!
Let us all be in constant prayer and give to the fund if you can please.
It titled this story sent to us by our Dear Friend Darlene Quiring, “Never Give Up”
In 1989 a devastating earthquake flattened the country of Armenia, killing over 30,000 people in less than 4 minutes. In the midst of the confusion that followe…d, a father left his wife securely at home and rushed to his son’s school, hoping for the best but fearing the worst. When he arrived, he discovered to his horror that his son’s school had been flattened by the massive earthquake. While surveying the rubble, he remembered a promise that he had made to his little boy. “Whatever happens, I’ll always be there for you.” The situation looked hopeless, but he just couldn’t take his mind off that promise. He remembered that his son’s classroom had been in the back right corner of the building, so he rushed to that spot over there and started digging through the rubble. Other grieving parents arrived, crying for their children. Some tried to pull the man off the rubble saying, “It’s too late! They’re dead. You can’t help.” Even a police officer told the grieving father to go home. But courageously he proceeded alone because he needed to know for himself whether his boy was dead or alive and because of his promise. “No matter what, I’ll always be there for you.” He dug for 8 hours, then 12, then 24, then 36. Finally on the 38th hour he pulled back a large boulder and among the remaining rubble he heard his son’s voice. He screamed, “Armand!” The little voice answered him, “Dad, Dad, it’s me.” Then the boy added these priceless words: “I told the other kids not to worry. I told them that you would save us because you promised Dad. You promised me that that no matter what happened you’d always be there for me. You did it. You did it, Dad!” Our entire belief in God is based on His promises. In the scriptures, we read about a loving heavenly Father who has made to you many precious promises. Promises that tell us that our needs are taken care of, that our sins are forgiven, that we will never be overwhelmed beyond our ability to bear, and he has promised the gift of everlasting life. What sets these promises apart is that God is the One who has made them. God has the power and the integrity to fulfill each and every promise He has made. And like a loving Father, God cares for each and every one of us and He has promised that whatever happens He will always be there for us. Even as the world around us quakes and crumbles, our Heavenly Father stands by His promises. Stand your ground and never give up on Him! 2 Corinthians 1:20-21 For all the promises of God in Him are Yes, and in Him Amen, to the glory of God through us. (NKJV)
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For God’s Glory Alone in the Love of our Lord Jesus Christ, Dewey, Sharon, Paul, Jo and families
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